Summer Picnic Checklist

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Benjamin and I are checking things off our Summer Bucket List every weekend and this weekend we’re planning a picnic. I think we’re going to visit Reagan Park in Palestine and of course we’ll play at the Splashpark, but I have some planning to do. I need to get our supplies together and start planning the menu and I really needed some type of checklist so I decided to make a special list and share that with you all today. But before we get to the list, I just had to share a few picnic recipe ideas with you that I found on


Check out 20+ Picnic Month Recipes

by Janet Pike Krugel at

While, yes, picnics are all about food, there are quite a few other items that you must have to create a successful picnic. Check out my Summer picnic printable and see if you’re fully prepared for your next picnic.

Summer Picnic Checklist FREE printable

*just click on the image to download and print this checklist*

What else would you add to the Summer Picnic Checklist?

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