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How to Celebrate Small Achievements in a BIG Way with Cards for Kids

Benjamin always has new small achievements that deserve celebrating so today, as part of a sponsored post for #CollectiveBias and Hallmark, I’m showing you how we celebrate small achievements in a big way with cards for kids! #KidsCards

Celebrate every day #KidsCards #shop #cbias

This past year has been a whirlwind of small achievements for my boy and I’ve shared many of them with you, but I have failed to show you how we celebrate small achievements each day. Benjamin started Kindergarten last Fall and he was so excited. He made a friend right away and he started to excel in his school work. He loved homework so much that there were days when he would ask for extra homework to do. He told us toward the end of the school year that on Fridays he misses homework because his teacher didn’t give him weekend homework.

Reason to Celebrate: Acceptance letter for LAUNCH program #KidsCards #shop #cbias

Now that school is over, summer is here, and all of Benjamin’s sports have ended, there are not as many reasons to celebrate. We haven’t received his last report card, but I’m expecting that will be wonderful because all of his other reports were 100’s and 99’s throughout the year. He just went on vacation with Granny and Papa last week and came home yesterday so we were looking for a reason to celebrate him coming home until we got this letter. He made it into the LAUNCH program for first grade!

This program is an advanced placement learning environment and this is the first year that our school system is doing this for his age. He took tests for two days to qualify and we got this letter on Saturday and while I wouldn’t classify this as “small achievements”, I would say this is HUGE! I just knew we had to celebrate for him.

Hallmark cards in Walmart #KidsCards #shop #cbias

Even though Saturday night was our last date night of the week before our boy came home, I still made my way to Walmart to pick up a special Hallmark card in the cards for kids section because there’s just nothing better (to Benjamin, at least) than getting a card for a special celebration. He loves getting mail and even though I didn’t have time to mail it, I did have time to pick up a few special things for him.

The Amazing Card from Hallmark - A poster card! #KidsCards #shop #cbias

Once I saw this poster card from Hallmark, I just knew I had a winner. He is so much into Spiderman and I just knew he would love this poster. This card looks like a regular greeting card (see the picture at the top of this post), but then it opens up into a full size poster! It really is an amazing card that is more than just a card. I couldn’t resist getting a few extra goodies to go in his bag as well. He’s just an amazing boy who deserves all that we can give him.

So…want to know what he thought about it? Check out the video I put on Instagram below. If you can’t hear what he says, it starts with “Dang!” That’s my boy!


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How do you celebrate small achievements with your kids?


  1. That’s so awesome that he was selected for the program! Amber was placed in the accelerated readers program for Kindergarten and that was so exciting for us! I don’t think Lindale is doing this yet though–very interesting! I love that you got him an entire gift to celebrate–and the video is just too cute and hillarious!!! 😀 #client
    Nicole Elliott recently posted..3 Natural Ways to Beat the Heat — Never Let Them See You Sweat with Natural Personal Care ProductsMy Profile

    • janet says:

      Thank you, Nicole! We are so proud of him and we are always looking for reasons to reward him for being an awesome kid!

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