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Tips for Eating Healthy While Traveling {Fatty Friday Video Update}

“A diet is the penalty we pay for exceeding the feed limit.” ~Unknown

Well, the results are in and apparently I ate GOOD at SoFabCon…and by good, I mean really BAD! So, this Fatty Friday update is inspired by my trip and I’ll give you a few tips for eating healthy while traveling…some tips that I should have thought of BEFORE my trip.

Tips for Eating Healthy while Traveling

1. Plan Ahead (and plan big)

This one probably seems most obvious, but it has to be mentioned. Planning ahead for snacking while driving is your best bet. Pack portion sized bags of snacks that fit into your eating plan. For instance, my plan is mostly protein so I could pack snacks like beef sticks, lunch meat, or beef jerky. The key here would be to overpack as well. You just never know how much snacking you might need to do while driving (especially if you get lost like me) or if you’ll need those snacks for the hotel or days while you’re visiting your location. For instance, when I was at SoFabCon, there were snack breaks between sessions and there were lots of non-protein options (i.e. caramel-covered popcorn…yum!) and if I had planned ahead and had my snacks I wouldn’t have been as tempted. In any case, you just never know, so be over-prepared!

2. Know what’s for Breakfast

If you’re staying in a hotel on your trip, find out if they are serving breakfast and what kind. Some hotels have a hot cooked breakfast and some have a continental breakfast that serves pastries and carb-filled goodies. Call ahead to the hotel or wherever you are going to be staying and find out what is served. In my case, the hotel had both options so I stuck with my plan each morning except for the last morning when I was leaving…and by then I had just given up and ate the goodies.

3. Communicate your needs

If you’re heading to a work function or a conference, talk to the administrators about your special eating plan needs and find out if they can accommodate you. In my case, I could just eat the protein portions of our meals (if I had kept my willpower strong) but even that would have been difficult during some of our meals at the conference. If you are allergic to gluten or a vegetarian, you are almost guaranteed to be able to be accommodated. Other eating plans may be a little difficult to plan around, but this might be where your over-prepared snacks can come in handy as well.

4. Bring a cooler

Whether you need to be prepared with extra water or you need refrigerated snacks (i.e. lunch meat), a cooler will really help. Most hotels have ice machines so you’ll be able to refill the cooler and keep your snacks and water cold. You might also stay away from the expensive vending machines in the hotels (yeah…I paid $3 for a bottle of water at the conference).

5. Make good choices at restaurants

The chances are that if you’re traveling, you’re going to hit a restaurant at least once while on your trip. Just as you do when you’re at home, choose to make the good choices when eating out. The thing you have to watch most with restaurant eating is portion size. Most restaurants want to give you the most for your money so think about ordering a healthy meal and then splitting it in half or share with a friend. Some restaurants will even let you order from the kids’ menu if you ask.

Now that you have a few tips (that I totally didn’t follow when I was traveling so I get how hard it is), let’s get to the video update:

For those of you who can’t see the video…

I gained 4. 6 lbs in the past two weeks

So, I’m back on track again and my goal for this week is to lose at least 4. 6 lbs. I have to get this roller coaster under control! I’m just sick of being a slave to my cravings and my lack of self control. I’ll talk more about that in next week’s video so go ahead and subscribe to my YouTube channel so you’ll get a first look at the video before the blog post!

What tips do you have for eating healthy while traveling?


  1. Look at you with your Texas accent! <3 Girl, next time we're at an event together, we can eat together. I stuck to my plan and felt awesome the whole time because I'm OBSESSED with omelettes and they had fantastic ones there that kept me full all morning. Then I did order the gluten free meals at the conference, simply because I knew it would be a better choice in every way since I'm low carb too.

    You can DO THIS! Do you chew gum? I've found that the dessert flavored gums help me out, as well as I allow myself ONE LaCroix per day. They are calorie free and artificial sweetener free, but they provide a great back-palate flavor that satisfies my cravings. You know you can just call me when you're feeling week and I will do the same. :)

    And for the love of all things holy, STOP saying you have no willpower (I'm guilty too). If you speak life into that area of your life, that's where your fruit will grow. You don't want fruit on that tree! You're stronger than you think! Start speaking life into your willpower. Even if it's not true right now, the more you breathe life into it, the more truthful it will become.

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