Perfect Snacks for Little League Baseball Games

Little League Baseball practices start tomorrow and I’m Team Mom, so as part of a sponsored post for Fruit Shoot , I’m bringing you a list of the Perfect Snacks for after a Little League Baseball Game.

Perfect snacks for after the Little League Baseball Game

My boy is starting this third season of Little League baseball tomorrow and somehow I signed up to be Team Mom. I’m a little freaked out, but I know that I have one thing under control – I know how to bring the perfect snacks for after the game.

We all want our kids to be healthy and these days, you just never know what kids are allergic to or what their parents won’t allow. Because you can’t always accommodate everyone, you have to take your best guess. You want something healthy, nutritious, yummy, and strengthening.

Here are a few ideas that I use when it’s my turn to bring the team snack for after the game:

  • Pretzel sticks
  • Applesauce
  • Cheese sticks
  • Natural fruit snacks
  • Crackers and cheese
  • Peanut butter sandwich (be careful about nut allergies)
  • Animal crackers

Now, when it comes to drinks, you have the chance to be a star!

Team Mom? More Like Team HERO!

Most people think of sports drinks or water for after a game, but the chances are, the kids have been drinking water and/or sports drinks during the game. Now is your chance to shine with the drink choice with your after game snack.

Why not skip the water this time and bring Fruit Shoot?

Your kid’s teammates are going to love you for this!

There’s just nothing I hate more than getting one of those fruit drinks after a game where you have to twist/pull the top off and there is no replaceable top on it. What a mess my boy can make when he’s excitedly telling us about his game while trying to drink a bright red drink and slinging it around. Robinson’s Fruit Shoot has a great pop-top that closes easily and I feel more confident that my car seats are going to turn bright colors after the game.

Don’t just stop there, add Fruit Shoot to your kid’s lunches, too!

Benjamin threw out his lunchbox a few weeks ago by accident and since then he hasn’t let us buy him another or pack him a lunch, but when I brought home some Fruit Shoot bottles, he suddenly wanted Daddy to pack him a lunch. Fruit Shoot is lunchbox ready and will BRIGHTEN your kid’s day.

Learn more about Fruit Shoot on their Facebook page and download a FREE Angry Birds game with a special code on the back of your Fruit Shoot bottle.

What do you consider the perfect snacks for after the game?


  1. I think my son would love for this…. at what stores do I get this… I have 2 kids 5 & 1 … is it recommended?

  2. kim says:

    How cool, we’ve actually got “snack duty” this Saturday for our little ones, but think this might just be a bit much for 4 year olds though.

  3. I’ll be on the lookout for these at my local grocery store. I usually offer fruit and nut trail mix for an after practice snack.

  4. Kerri says:

    I haven’t seen these in stores yet! I’ll have to be on the lookout!

  5. I will be keeping an eye our for FruitShoots here. These will be great for traveling by car and train in Japan. Hope my local commissary gets these.

  6. Heidi Bee says:

    This sounds awesome- I love the sports bottles and I know my kids would too!

  7. I want to play ball for snacks! 😉

  8. Never seen this product before, it is 100% juice?

  9. I’ve been looking all over for this. Hopefully it’ll be here soon!

  10. Jamie says:

    I’ve never seen FruitShoot before – I wish our stores here in AZ would carry it. It looks like a great product for the kids!! 🙂

  11. We generally did things like peanut butter crackers after games. This brings back great memories!

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