How to Get Back on Track After Weight Gain

I had the most emotional roller coaster day yesterday and I’m so glad you all are here so I can talk about it. As you can probably tell from the title of this post, I need to get back on track because of a weight gain this week, but we’ll get to that in a minute.

Do you ever wonder if eating wrong causes those emotions to rise up and be stronger or if it’s just the other way around that you have the emotions and you want to eat so you gain weight? It’s a confusing cycle and maybe someday I’ll figure out what works for me.

“My life has been filled with terrible misfortune; most of which never happened.” ~Montaigne

I don’t know that I really want to go into all the details of my day because it’s likely that if you’re just here because you searched and landed here, you may not know me and you don’t want to hear everything. You might just be here because you want to learn how to get back on track after your own weight gain. If you do know me, then you know that I need to get some of it out just to vent and then I’ll be done with it all and we’ll move on. So, as usual, bear with me just a little and we’ll get to the tips.

I took yesterday off because Howard and I had some errands to do and it was going to be too confusing to try to get into work and back out and back in and so on. Things were spaced apart just far enough that I decided I deserved a day off (yay!). We took our dog into the vet to get her stitch out of her eye (she’s a pug and it popped out of socket – I need to tell you all that story, don’t I?). It turns out her eye is doing great and she probably even has sight in it (yay!). Howard and I dropped her off at home and then went to pick up some Easter basket stuff at Walgreens and then decided we had to go to Walmart to get baseball cleats (boo for Walmart!). Then we had lunch and home to do a little blog work before I had Benjamin’s Easter party at school. At the school, Benjamin was super excited to see me (yay!) but when it was time to leave he snuck out the back door of the school and we “lost” him for a couple of minutes (yikes!). Then he threw a fit because we had to go to Tyler to weigh in (boo!) but he got over it when he got to watch cartoons on Daddy’s phone (yay!). I knew that I hadn’t been eating right so I was going to gain, but I didn’t think I would gain as much as I did.

I gained 8 lbs in two weeks!

(boo!) Anyway, we took our lumps and decided we would get back on track now…for as long as we can. The night went well at dinner (yay!) but then I came home to some more blog work that stressed me out (boo!). Oh yeah…I forgot to tell you that my B12 shot hurt my hip so bad that when I walked out to the car after weighing in, I had to immediately sit down and then I burst into tears (sobbing like a baby!) and Howard thought I was going insane. I finally went to bed around 1:30am and was emotionally exhausted. That was my day. Today will be a better day!

How to Get Back on Track after a Weight Gain

How to Get Back on Track After Weight Gain

1. Relax

Cut yourself some slack and just chill out. So, you ate a piece of cake or a burger or a few too many pieces of pizza… You know it take 3,500 calories to gain one pound so you probably didn’t completely blow it. Now, if you did gain weight, so what, you’ll lose it again. It’s not a permanent fixture on your body unless you want it to be or you let it. Relax…we’ll get through this!

2. Skip the scale

So, you know you’ve eaten too much and you know you have the willpower to get back on track. Is it really going to hurt you to skip the scale this week? (okay, you know you shouldn’t be weighing more often than every week, right? don’t you dare weigh every day!). Skip a week, start eating right again, and maybe you won’t even know about that horrid number you’ve been avoiding.

3. Drink extra water

You already know the importance of water for your body and your weight loss, so a little extra is only going to do you better. If you’ve taken in a few more calories and gained weight, your body is likely retaining a little more water than normal so drink up and your body will let it go. Try adding in some B12 or B6 and see if that doesn’t get that excess water off your body. Just don’t veer too far from the restroom. 😉

4. Write down what you eat

Nothing is more motivational or better at holding you accountable than writing down what you eat. Do you ever wonder why I don’t write that down for you all to read? Yeah, that’s just a step too far for me right now. Get a private journal or write it on a white board. Just keep track and it will help you make better decisions throughout your day.

5. Don’t give up

Whatever you do, don’t give up on your weight loss goals. Keep trying – even if you have to “reset” several times per day. Your health goals can be achieved and the only way to do that is to start with one decision at a time. My next decision is to eat a healthy breakfast this morning and drink some water.

How do you get back on track after a weight gain?


  1. I’m sorry you had such a rough day. 🙁 Sometimes when everything piles on us, so to speak, it feels like way too much. Thank you for this encouragement! And again there you go reminding me about water. I’m going to drink a glass right now so I don’t forget.

    Ok, I’m back. When I write down what I eat, I always do so much better. It’s as if seeing it makes it a reality and I don’t want to see poor choices!

  2. Keep on keepin’ on, Janet! It’s a one day at a time process… and most of my days are one MINUTE at a time! I’ve had to “reset” my eating schedule numerous times in a day, too, and the biggest thing for me is to not beat myself up over it when it happens.

  3. mel says:

    Lots of great tips. Most of that is water weight and will come right off! I like your attitude:)

  4. Mari says:

    I could (and have) gain 8 lbs in one week.

    Never give up is my motto for life 🙂 Congratulations on keeping your head in the game and not letting it keep you from moving forward!

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