Next Step in Being Healthy

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Next Step to Being Healthy #WellatWalgreens #shop #cbias

For the past few months I have been posting about the healthy changes that my family is making and reporting on my weight loss and struggles. I’ve made a promise to myself that I will stick to the plan for the next 15 days (until March 19) so that I can celebrate my birthday without any guilt at Red Lobster. Howard has really helped me be accountable at home and blogging about it all has really helped me stay accountable to you all.

Vitamins #WellatWalgreens #shop #cbias

Now that we have this weight loss plan under our belts (pun intended), it is time that we start looking at our overall health along with eating healthy. I went to Walgreens this past week to check out some new vitamins and supplements to help us along in taking the next step to being healthy. Boy was I lucky that the Well at Walgreens brand was on sale for a Buy One, Get One Half Off. Score!

One Daily Women's Multivitamin #WellatWalgreens #shop #cbias

Along with our eating plan, the center that we go to for weight loss recommends a daily multivitamin. I’ve been taking a prenatal vitamin for as long as I can remember (because someday I hope to have another baby), but I wanted something additional and special for Women’s Health. I picked up the Well at Walgreens Once Daily Women’s Multivitamin. Now I know that I’m getting all the vitamins I need even though I’m not eating all the food groups.

Multivitamin A thru Z Select #WellatWalgreens #shop #cbias

Howard has a lot of health issues from past problems and he really needed a good multivitamin that would help him from head to toe. I found the Well at Walgreens A thru Z Select multivitamin for him and he was happy to see that the pill was a good size for ease in swallowing. He is taking the next step to being healthy by losing weight with me and eating right. Next up…exercise!

Howard has also been experiencing a lot of cramping while on this eating plan. We asked the nurse about this and one of the recommended vitamins she told us about is a Calcium supplement so I picked up these chewable supplements from the Well at Walgreens brand. He’s really looking forward to experiencing cramp-free days and we’re hoping this will solve his problem.

Multivitamin Gummies #WellatWalgreens #shop #cbias

Finally, because we want this journey to be a family journey, I decided that it’s time that Benjamin starts taking a vitamin as well. I was able to find a Well at Walgreen children’s gummy vitamin in dinosaur shapes and he was thrilled! He calls it his “candy medicine” in the morning and he has been excited to take his daily meds with us in the morning.

Being healthy is a journey for my family because we just haven’t always been in the past. We have begun eating right and losing weight. Benjamin is so proud of us and wants to eat healthy with us. His big goal for our family is to someday sit in a booth together at a restaurant. With our daily vitamins and supplements, we are now taking the next step to being healthy. It’s all about baby steps for us and next in line is exercise. With these vitamins fueling our bodies, along with our healthy eating, we will be walking and exercising very soon.

What vitamins and supplements do you take to stay healthy?

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