Children’s Spring Health Tips

It’s here, folks, Spring is here! After the long, hard Winter we all had, Spring is definitely welcome around my household and I’m sure there are others around the country who are looking forward to no more snow days and #polarvortex worries. With the change in seasons, always comes a change in health concerns, so today I’m giving you some children’s spring health tips to get you started.

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Children's Spring Health Tips

Children’s Spring Health Tips


Around my house, we deal with allergies year-round. My poor boy has allergies (that he inherited from both my husband and me) to almost everything that has to do with animals, dust, and the outdoors. To keep him healthy, we are sure to have allergy medicines and soft tissues on hand at all times. Spring brings with it a whole new set of allergens and the change in seasons is wreaking havoc on his poor little sinuses. We try to keep the dust and dog hair to a minimum in the house, but the instant he walks outside, he is inundated with pollen and his eyes puff up and his nose starts running.

TIP – Watch your little one for the most common symptoms of seasonal allergies: sneezing multiple times rapidly, difficulty breathing, runny nose or excessive mucus when sneezing, and itchy eyes, ears and throat. Fever should not accompany allergies, so if your child is running a high temperature, he is likely sick rather than simply dealing with a seasonal allergy.

Sun Safety

Just like with your kids I’m sure, my little man loves to be outside more when Spring comes along. There’s also the matter of more outdoor activities, i.e. soccer games and baseball, so you will need to practice safety when you’re in the sun. My boy is the type of child who tends to tan rather than burn, but my niece is fair-skinned and tends to burn easier. However, both types of skin colors need to be protected equally from the sun’s rays.

TIP – Check out my post on Summer Sun Safety Tips for more information. Be sure to use great sunscreen at all times.

Street Safety

With your children outside more and wanting to visit their friends and play in the yard, street safety is a big one during this time of year. Fortunately, my boy doesn’t really like to play in the front yard unless he is on his trampoline so I don’t worry as much about this, but I have taught him that he cannot go near the street for any reason without my husband or me nearby. Give your children limits on the yard play and talk to them about crossing the street to go see neighbors.

TIP – Drive slower in neighborhoods during this time of year (and during Summer) and watch more carefully for kids and/or balls and toys entering the street around you. It is almost guaranteed that if a ball rolls into the street, there will be a child shortly after it.

Insects, Insecticides, and Bites

Just like you and your children, insects love to be outdoors during the Spring. After all, Spring is when the bees are pollinating and the mosquitoes are coming out of hibernation. Protecting your children from insects and bites can be tricky when you look into insect repellants and natural ways to protect your children. Be sure to pick something that will not further irritate their allergies and is free from any extra toxins that just aren’t needed.

TIP – If your child experiences redness and/or pus around an insect bite, this is a sign of infection. Additionally, if your child experiences symptoms such as heavy or difficulty breathing, swelling or redness, faintness or vomiting, or lethargy, you should seek medical help for your child right away.

What Spring health tips do you have?


  1. Great tips! The allergies are in full force over here. Sharing your post!

  2. Great tips. I am thankful that we do have misquitos where I live

  3. Jamie says:

    Great tips!! All 3 of us have asthma and allergies, so it makes it so much worse. I already got my allergy shot, but since our season here was so dry, we’re dealing with a lot!! Thanks for the tips. Always willing to try out new things to help!

  4. These are fantastic tips – sharing them now with my sisters!

  5. Seasonal allergies here! I need to make an appointment for my kids at the allergist!

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