How to Celebrate Weight Loss

I realized this past week that I have been a total Debbie Downer in my weight loss posts lately and that is not what this series is all about. I want to use this series to encourage others to just keep going in their weight loss journeys and know that they are not the only ones struggling. In doing that, I have been extremely hard on myself so this week I’m celebrating weight loss with some tips and asking you for even more suggestions.

In the past weeks, I labeled myself morbidly obese and then I even considered giving up on weight loss for a short time. I know that for my own health and for my family’s future that I am not going to give up until I take my last breath, so let’s celebrate every little weight loss with these ideas.

“It is not the mountain we conquer, but ourselves.” ~Sir Edmund Hillary

How to Celebrate Weight Loss

In the past (and by past, I mean just a couple of weeks ago) I have always considered giving myself a treat (and by treat, I mean ice cream and pizza) when I want to celebrate weight loss. Even just last week I talked about how I want to “be good” until my birthday so I can have Red Lobster as a treat. While this works for some people, I have a true addiction to food (especially sweets) and like with any addiction, just having one bite or one meal is just too much to handle. I want more. I eat more. I restart the cycle. Giving yourself a treat from time to time is recommended with any diet so you don’t feel like you have deprived yourself, but with addiction you can’t just do this without much thought. I’ve come up with a few alternative ways to celebrate weight loss in a more positive way.

1. Buy something new

Since I started losing weight I have lost 40 lbs. Since I started losing weight I have not bought any new clothes. Yikes! Yes, I’m constantly pulling up my pants and adjusting my panties and pulling on my shirts that are too big on me. I need some new clothes! Buying yourself new clothes is a great way to celebrate weight loss milestones. I actually have my mind set on new clothes when I hit 50 lbs lost, but since I’ve stalled at 40 lbs, I may have to treat myself to something new a little sooner than expected.

Before picture at 369.8 lbs4 month weight loss update - lost 39.6 lbs

2. Talk about it

Tell the world! Post it on your blog and on Facebook. When I hit the 40 lbs lost milestone I posted these before and during pics on Facebook and I just beamed when I started to see the “Likes” climbing. I got so many congrats messages that I was really motivated to keep going!

3. Pamper yourself

Go get a mani/pedi or a new haircut or style. Color your hair and paint your nails. Buy new makeup. Make yourself feel pretty! The better you feel about your appearance, the more addicted you will become to looking and feeling good and less addicted you will be to that nasty food.

3. Buy lingerie

Show off your new bod to your significant other. I recently had to go buy new bras because my old ones were not doing any justice to these smaller (but much more saggy) boobs. Propping these things up really caught Howard’s attention…and then we got in a little more exercise!

4. Get your groove on

Buy yourself a new CD or finally download Pandora on your phone or tablet and get yourself some new music. This will encourage you to get moving more and feel even better!

5. Take a trip

This one can be tricky because we all know that traveling can wreak havoc on your diet and digestion, but treat yourself to a trip to celebrate weight loss every few months. Do something adventurous that you haven’t done before. Take a trip to the beach to show off your new body or go hiking to get in some extra exercise. Maybe you just need to get out of the house on a day trip and enjoy nature (or the mall with girlfriends) to energize yourself and show yourself all the new things you can do.

Oh..and by the way…

I lost 0.2 lbs this week.

Normally I would have been all “I only lost 0.2″ but this week is all about celebrating so I’m excited that (a) I didn’t gain and (b) I lost something and that’s better than nothing!

How do you celebrate weight loss? Do you celebrate all the time or just at milestones?


  1. I think rewarding yourself is so important! You are doing so well on your journey!

  2. Gina says:

    You should be thrilled with .2! Anything is better than a gain. Keep up the good work, it’s really hard but you’re staying strong and learning each week.

  3. Darcy says:

    First of all congrats on 40lbs lost! I don’t know how I missed your update on fb.

    I totally relate on the rewards. I reward myself with food and that has to stop. New clothes and lingerie make me feel great though especially when going down a size!

    • janet says:

      Thank you, Darcy! I think it’s natural to want to reward ourselves with food when we feel deprived, but it doesn’t take the final goal into consideration.

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