Grilled Chicken Stir-fry

I’m sharing this quick and healthy dinner idea as part of a sponsored post for #CollectiveBias, but you all know that my family has been working our way to eating healthy so this is just me sharing what’s working for us…and this Grilled Chicken Stir-fry was the best meal I’ve made in a while. All opinions, stories, and photos are all my own. #JustAddTyson

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Dinner around our house has changed in the past few months with us trying to eat healthy and living a healthy lifestyle. We’ve been enjoying our fresh vegetables and lean meats and trying new things. Although Howard was a chef for 20 years, he has been sticking to what we know we like and especially what we know that Benjamin likes and will eat with us. Sometimes; however, we like to spice things up and make something different.

Tyson Grilled and Ready chicken at Walmart #JustAddTyson #shop #cbias

You all know how I don’t cook, right? Well, with Howard working in the evenings, and our new goal to save money for a big trip this summer, I’ve decided that I can’t take Benjamin out on our little “dates” to a restaurant every single night. I’m branching out with my cooking repertoire and trying new things. I’m in love with Tyson Grilled & Ready products so of course I had to check out what I could use from the Walmart selection to make a new dinner. I needed something that I would enjoy and that Benjamin would eat with me. I found these Tyson Grilled & Ready Sweet Asian Chicken Thigh Fillets and it came to me (with Howard’s suggestions, of course) that I could make a quick and healthy dinner for us that we all would enjoy.

quick and easy meal #JustAddTyson #shop #cbias

Since I wanted it to be quick (because I have some important playing to do!) I picked up some frozen vegetables, but I know it would be even more amazing with fresh vegetables. I also picked up some quick cook rice for Benjamin and a box of fortune cookies to make it more fun. One of his favorite restaurants right now is a Chinese buffet place so I knew he would get a kick out of that.

Tyson Grilled and Ready grill marks #JustAddTyson #shop #cbias

Here’s what I love about Tyson Grilled & Ready – real grill marks. I knew I could just heat up the chicken and add it to any recipe and it would be as if I pulled out the grill and made it myself. I decided that heating the chicken in a pan would make the chicken taste even better, but if you’re even more pressed for time, just pop it in the microwave for a minute to get the chicken warm.

Tyson Grilled and Ready resealable bag #JustAddTyson #shop #cbias

I was cooking for just Benjamin and me on this evening so I knew I didn’t need all of the chicken. One of the most important changes that Howard and I are making in our healthy eating is portion size. We are used to eating large meals, unhealthy meals, and our boy has discovered his “growing boy” appetite. During the holidays when we were not eating great, I allowed myself to eat a double cheeseburger. Benjamin wanted a piece of it and then declared that he loves BIG burgers now instead of his small kid-size burgers. I don’t want to teach him about eating BIG so making smaller portions is a must in our house. This resealable bag helps us make the chicken last longer when we are just making one small healthy dinner.

quick and healthy dinner idea with Tyson Grilled and Ready #JustAddTyson #shop #cbias

Once the chicken was heated up a little, I cut it into strips and combined it with the frozen vegetables, salt, pepper, garlic powder, and a splash of soy sauce. The chicken is already seasoned with an Asian flavor so I didn’t need to add much. That’s the convenience of this Tyson Grilled & Ready chicken. It’s ready, all on its own!

If you’re looking for a healthy dinner idea that is quick and easy and packed with protein, this Grilled Chicken Stir-fry is sure to please everyone in the family. I know I’ve added it to my rotation now just because of the simple addition of Tyson Grilled & Ready chicken to any of my meals. I think I’m going to be trying Fajita Lettuce Wraps this week.

More Exciting News About Tyson Grilled & Ready!

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What are some of your quick and healthy dinner ideas?



  1. Shannon says:

    My husband would love this one, he loves stir fries. Thank you for posting.

  2. Love that it’s quick to make and delicious to eat! YUM! #client

  3. Patty says:

    That looks really delicious. I’ve pinned it to try later.

  4. This looks really good and I’m really proud of all of the changes you’re making in your life to build a healthier you and setting good examples for your boy. Thanks for sharing this recipe. We use Tyson Grilled & Ready all of the time around here but I’ve never tried the thighs before. #client

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