Joining the Happy Mama Movement with DudeMom #happymamas

Joining the Happy Mama Movement #whoisthisboy #happymamas

What makes you happy?

Despite all of our efforts (which are weak, at best) our boy still sleeps in the bed with us. At night, we turn out the light and turn off the TV and all lay down to sleep. Most nights, the boy wants me to hold him or cuddle him and occasionally he will have a Daddy night, but every night he wants me to scratch his back. “Mommy, scratch my back while I’m breathing”, he will say, or “Mommy, scratch it where it itches” and somehow I always know exactly where that itch is on his back. This is my second favorite time of day.

You saw that right, second.

My favorite time of day is when I go to pick him up from the YMCA after I’ve been at work all day. You see, I work for Child Protective Services and my specific job deals with reading and consulting on child death cases or high risk (dangerous) cases. I read some horrible stories all day long and even though I’m sitting at a desk all day, I sometimes come home more exhausted than my husband who works a physical labor job (well, we have debates about who is more exhausted, but that’s another story for another time). After I leave work, I head straight for my boy and he never disappoints. When they call his name, he comes running up the hall with his arms wide open, drops his stuff in front of me, and gives me the biggest hug ever…!

There’s just nothing better.

When I was 7 years old, my little sister was born and I knew then that I was meant to be a Mommy. I took care of her as much as I could and to this day, she sometimes feels like my daughter. I’ve taught her things and she teaches me daily. We are good friends, but I feel about her the way I imagine I will feel about my own child when he is older.

It’s true that I questioned my ideal marriage and family at one time, but I never waivered in the idea that I would be a Mommy and I would love it. And even though I knew I would love it, I never knew it would be so much FUN!

You may have seen me post several times about how much I love my husband with the Happy Wives Club and now I’m joining the Happy Mama Movement with and #happymamas. I’ll be posting about That Crazy Boy I Love and you can also watch my hashtag at #whoisthisboy for our daily shenanigans. I think you’ll agree that I’m a very happy mama!

The Happy Mama Movement at DudeMom com #happymamas

What makes you a Happy Mama?


  1. I’m so excited to have you joining us. And, honestly, your joy and the way you share your love for your son and family is inspiring to all of us!

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