That Crazy Man I Love { in good times and bad }

When Howard and I married, we didn’t say traditional vows. We weren’t practicing Christians yet and in fact, he was Jewish and did not believe in Jesus as the Messiah. Because my family is primarily Christian or non-secular and his family is devout Jewish, we opted for general vows. You know, like the ones you hear on TV – “for better or worse”, “sickness and health”, and “good times and bad“.

Over the past 6+ years, we’ve had our fair share of good times and bad, believe me. We barely knew each other when we got married. Despite our strong belief that our marriage could last, we still have our problems from time to time. The past few months have been one of those “bad” times. I’m going to admit it here. I thought about leaving Howard recently, but we’ve talked and I’m nowhere near the edge any longer. I’m not saying that our problems were cured after one rushed 30 minute conversation before we left to go to a gamer wedding, but we’re headed in the right direction again.

I know (he reminds me) that I need to speak up more often and not let things get to me.

He knows (occasionally I have to remind him) that he needs to help around the house and with the boy.

We know (God reminds us both) that we made vows to love and honor one another and we desire to have a happy and healthy marriage.

Above all, love each other deeply, because love covers over a multitude of sins – 1 Peter 4:8


Why I Love My Husband

{the never-ending list}


I’m changing things up a little for this post because I needed to go back and do a refresher on the reasons I love my husband. I went through the past 20 posts (from when I started this list) and picked out just a few of my favorite reasons I love my husband:

1. That man, bless his heart, can barely type his name on a keyboard, but he made a profile for himself on and found me and that’s how we met.

2. He is a hard-working, loyal to his job {and sometimes his detriment}, dedicated employee. This is what makes me KNOW that when he sets his mind to something he will do it.

3. He looks at me like I’m the most beautiful woman in the world because he truly believes it {he needs to go to the eye doctor, but he won’t because he thinks we can’t afford it, but that should be another reason of its own}.

4. He wants to be {and is!} the best daddy to our son that he can possibly be. Our boy already believes it and craves time with him, so he just needs to accept it and own it!

5. He cries. Sometimes he cries happy tears, sometimes sad, sometimes embarrassed, sometimes mad, but he is never afraid to cry…at least around me.

10. He dances and sings. The man has no rhythm and a loud booming, yet completely out of tune, voice, but he dances every chance he gets and he sings everything he does. My son is starting to do this as well…how fun for his future wife!

20. He teaches our boy about respect. Hubby is a very respectful man and has strong opinions about respect for women. He works hard to teach our son this respect every day.

22. He laughs from his belly. Almost every night (and usually every morning) our boy does something so hilarious that it makes us laugh. My husband starts laughing and it’s a deep down belly laugh that I just find so freaking attractive!

27. He forgives me. As you can guess, Hubby is the target of a lot of my venting and frustration when my nerves are shot. He takes it, gives some of it back at me (mostly just to make me laugh) and then forgives me…or at least I think he does.

28. He laughs at me. Yes, I said AT me. I do weird things sometimes. I say weird things a lot of times. He laughs at me and makes fun of me, but it is all an attempt to help me to not take myself so seriously all the time. It gets on my nerves sometimes, but I get over it (or I smack him good) and then I feel better.

29. He stands up for me and our boy. The boy is dealing with a bully at daycare (I know, I know…I’ll stop mentioning that eventually) and Hubby was with me yesterday when I dropped the boy off in the morning. I came out of daycare crying and Hubby and I went back in to talk to the administrators. My man is a gentle, yet forceful speaker. He can scare the poop out of people, but he is gentle when I am around because he knows that scares me as well.

33. He is never mad at me. This can be frustrating because I know things bother him, but he says that nothing is bad enough that it warrants an argument or even a discussion. Well…until I get completely cuckoo and out of control and then he might mention something so that I will shut up.

36. He buys me feminine products. Even if that is the only thing he needs to buy at a store. He also knows what kind I prefer.

45. He doesn’t play games. We are a silly family and I believe that our boy’s happiness is due to this. While Hubby and I may not be perfect at communication, we don’t play around with each other’s emotions. You get what you see with the two of us and that’s the way we like it.

48. He does 98% of the work around the house. I’m a mess, although I don’t make the mess, but anyway, I need to take housekeeping 101.

54. He follows my lead. Sometimes I have these grand ideas that are probably ridiculous and sometimes practical, but not always fun for him. He goes along most of the time and finds a way to smile about it.

56. He is a hard worker for God, for his family, for himself, and for his customers. That just about says it all. This is how he lives his life.

57. He teaches our boy to be like ^^^that^^^.

62. He makes me laugh and he laughs at my jokes. He will do anything in his power to keep me smiling.

66. He will tell you that he works for God, his family, and his customers. In that order. Everything and everyone else is lower on his priority list.

71. He provides. He provides entertainment, love, support, humor, and so much more for our family.

78. Despite living in pain, he is always entertaining our boy so I can work just a little longer.

81. He encourages me to have faith in God and is the spiritual leader of our home.

86. He helped me plan and shop for every detail of our wedding so we could both enjoy it.

91. He helps me in the morning when I feel rushed by getting our boy ready for school and fixing his lunch.

100. He gives me 100 reasons to love him and that’s what marriage is all about!

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