Bouncing Back from Weight Gain

Oh geez! Did you guys see that huge weight gain that I had over the holidays? I’m not proud, but I deserved every single pound I gained.

After my initial success over Thanksgiving, I kinda gave up during Christmas and I just fell back into my old eating habits. I ate so bad and I felt icky most of the time. By the Sunday after Christmas I was sitting at my dad’s house and eating piece after piece of cinnamon toast and feeling like I would be sick!

Obviously, I have not changed the way I think about food.

“Success is never certain. Failure is never final.” ~Robert Schuller

This week was all about getting back on track and feeling better. Howard was in it with me and that made all the difference in the world. He was supportive and made breakfast for us and made sure I had lunches ready and he even cooked a pre-made dinner two nights in a row so I would have food ready for the boy and me while he was at work! I love that man so much.

So, here it is…

I lost 9.6 lbs this week!

Howard lost 10.4 lbs! We both lost what we had gained, plus 0.2 lbs. More than anything, though, we feel great again! I just can’t explain how good it feels to crave a salad or want to be active with my boy.

How do you bounce back from a weight gain?


  1. lisa says:

    You motivate me :o)

  2. Wow, great job! I think having accountability is what matters and you clearly accepted the responsibility and corrected it. Keep up the great work!

  3. It’s totally OK to slip now and again. It’s the getting back up that’s the hard work and YOU DID IT! So proud of you!

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