Ice On the Go with a Portable Ice Maker

I live in Texas, where we like our Iced Tea so much that I felt the need to capitalized Iced Tea to show it my respect so as part of a sponsored post for the Newair AI-215R Portable Ice Maker, I’m going to tell you about the coolest (no pun intended) review product I have ever received. And, yes, I received the portable ice maker for the purposes of a review, but you all know that all opinions, stories, and photos are all my own. 

Newair Portable Ice Maker

Here in Texas, we have this awesome product called Iced Tea. We like it plain or sweet, especially sweet, and we like it extra cold. In fact, I like all my drinks freezing cold that I have been known to stick a soda in the freezer just so it will have ice crystals in it when I drink it. I have also been known to buy bags of ice and keep them in the freezer just so I won’t run out of ice. I don’t have to do that anymore with this new portable ice maker that I have in my kitchen.

When we moved into this new rental house, it came with a fridge that has an ice maker, but we haven’t set it up yet and we’re not even sure if we know how. I can’t stand ice trays because I end up being the only one to fill them up and they pile up on top of the fridge and ultimately I end up running out of ice. A few years ago, I had a birthday party at the house and totally forgot the ice and it was a disaster. A family of Texans with no ice…not a good thing. Now, I can prepare for a party without spending precious birthday party money on bags of ice by stocking up on my ice cubes from my new portable ice maker!

I seriously am in awe of this thing!

portable ice maker inside

Okay, here’s the deal. You just pour water in the bottom of the portable ice maker and turn it on. Ice forms around those silver bars in the top and then dumps into a small bucket that sits on the inside. Here’s the best part, ice forms in around 10-15 minutes and you are ready to ice down your favorite drink!

Portable Ice Maker Features:

  • Makes ice in as little as 13 minutes
  • 3 ice cube sizes for personalized use
  • Overflow protection for added comfort
  • Self cleaning so it’s a low maintenance option
  • Side mounted drain for easy cleanup


  1. I’d really love one of these ice makers! I’m one of the few people in my house that really doesn’t use ice in everything I drink, so when I do go to get some ice, there usually is none. Having my own portable ice maker would definitely fix that issue.
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