Teach Children the Value of Giving with CWIST for Kids

For the past two years, my boy has really learned about giving and I have found a new way, as part of a sponsored post for Mom Central Consulting and CWIST, to reward him for his hard work. He loves to give and that makes me love to give to him even more so this was an exciting new program for us to try together…and we might be a little hooked on it now, too.

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Everyone knows that the holidays are a time for giving and sharing and CWIST has come to the rescue of parents everywhere to provide a new way to teach children about giving through good works and earning rewards…for others.

cwist is the only digital platform to harness the creative power of both parents and educators to develop, test and share hundreds of challenges that educate the whole child. With an interactive library of educational, community service, outdoor and unique challenges for kids ages 5-10, cwist helps kids make a healthy connection between the things they want and the effort it takes to get them.

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Benjamin and I signed up for CWIST a few weeks ago and started the challenges in order to earn toys and gifts for other kids in need. Right now, he has everything he needs and we have been blessed this year to basically provide everything he wants as well. It was time for us to start giving back and what better way than to spend that time together, making memories, and giving to others.

For the holidays, CWIST has launched their Kids CWIST For Kids program. This multi-week giving campaign gives children the opportunity to complete learning challenges to give gifts to kids in need. This is one of the coolest things I have seen for the holidays, you choose CWIST’s for your kids’ and when they do them they earn toys for children in need! My boys’ loved it! We sat down together and chose a kiddo from the list, then we chose a toy that the child would like (or that we thought they would) and then we chose a CWIST that the boys’ thought was worthy of that wish being granted, they both did two CWIST’s for the wish to be granted.

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After setting up my profile and adding Benjamin into my account, we headed straight over to the Select a Child section to find someone to earn gifts with our works. I was happily surprised to see that the $2500 goal was almost full. It makes my heart smile to think that so many kids are getting a gift this year. We picked Boy, Age: 6, mostly because he likes cars like my boy.

Select a CWIST for your child #MC #sponsored

Next, we had to pick a CWIST for my boy to work on and earn the gift. There were so many to choose from and categories like Family, Community, PBS Kids, and more. We loved looking at all the challenges and even thought of a few on our own that we can use next year for Benjamin to start earning on his own!

Assign a CWIST to your child #MC #sponsored

As you can see, we couldn’t decide on just one so we picked three to get us started. Benjamin thought the boy eating a sandwich was funny so we had to pick that one. My boy knows all about Kindness and loves working on his Alphabet so the next two made the most sense for him at this time. We started right away with eating dinner that night with our mouths closed and naming our foods. The art came a little later, but my boy is doing a great job with his CWIST tasks so far!

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As with all programs that I choose to write about, I am passionate about CWIST and I love the message they are bringing during the holidays. This will definitely be a program that we will stick with even after the holidays. Because, as you all know, even though my boy is a sweetheart, he gets the “I wants” just like any other child.

CWIST is a great way to get your children to earn what they want while learning new skills, too.
Click here for more info on CWIST and the Kids CWIST For Kids program.

What tasks would you assign for your child with CWIST today?


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