Find Real Homes for Your Dogs while Traveling with

This post is brought to you by, where you can find real homes for your dogs while traveling. While I haven’t used this service (yet), I have researched the site and all stories and opinions are my own.

Find Real Homes for Your Dogs while Travelling with Roverdotcom

This time of year is all about family and traveling and visiting for the Holidays. If your family is like mine, we all have multiple pets so traveling with the pets would make the home we visit more like a kennel than a family vacation. So, what are you doing with  your dogs while traveling this year.

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As many of you know, Howard and I met in Austin, TX, where I was going to school and he was working. His family moved there from Detroit when he was a teenager and although he went back to Detroit for a while, he came back to Austin to be near his family. He and I decided to move back to my hometown in Palestine, TX, after we got pregnant so we could raise our little family in a small town. I have extended family in the Dallas/Fort Worth area who always wants to see us during the Holidays so they can love on Benjamin (of course) and we are happy to oblige. So, the Holidays can mean traveling for us and let me tell you, we do not want to bring that big, beautiful face ^^ with us. She may be beautiful, but she’s a mess and not a good traveling partner.

Roverdotcom where dogs prefer to stay

In the past, we have tried to keep our trips to one overnight because of our dogs, but as we make more money and have more time, we sometimes want to travel and stay multiple nights. This is where can really come in handy. Our dogs are spoiled rotten (much like our child) and they need special attention. They love to play and need petting constantly. Whether your dog wants to stay at home and get visitors or go spend the night with a loving sitter, you can choose and find reliable, caring sitters for your extended family members.

About is the leading online community that connects dog owners with trusted dog sitters, and is where dogs beg to stay. They believe that all dogs deserve safe, loving homes even when their owners are away, and that’s why they created Rover. Their services provide an alternative to traditional caged boarding facilities, or family, friends and neighbors who are often asked to sit in a pinch. Rover currently operates nationwide, with 150,000 members enrolled, more than 25,000 approved sitters in over 4,300 cities across the U.S., and approximately 1,000 sitter options in each of the top 20 markets. Additionally, they believe all dogs deserve a happy and loving home and that’s why they’re committed to supporting animal shelters and companion animal programs across the nation. They also make it easy for sitters to donate a portion of their proceeds to local shelters through their Sit-a-Dog, Save-a-Life program, saving the lives of dogs everywhere.

It seems to me that we owe our dogs the courtesy of finding a good place for them to stay while we are traveling. Ideally, we would take them along with us and they would be a part of the family, but sometimes that is just not feasible. If we can’t take them with us, why not send them on their own little vacation to stay with someone who will love and play with them just like you do when you’re home. Check out and let me know what you think. If you’ve tried them before, I would love to know how it worked out for you as well!

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Where are your dogs staying this year while you are traveling?

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