Family Movie Night with Smurfs 2

The boy and I have a special treat for you in this post about our Smurfs 2 Family Movie Night, sponsored by #CollectiveBias and Tyson #TastyTenders. You know this, but all opinions, stories, and photos are my own. We had the most fun EVER and you can, too, to celebrate the release of Smurfs 2 on DVD!

Smurfs 2 Family Movie Night #TastyTenders #shop #cbias

You know how my family loves movies and we love to have movie nights, but we don’t always tell you about them. Yeah…I guess we don’t tell you so you wouldn’t know, but I am always giving you ideas for activities and coloring pages for movie nights so that might have given you a hint, right? Well, anyway, my family loves movie nights and we love to make it fun and tasty. Howard has been working a lot of evenings so the boy and I were on our own this past Friday night. He and I have been having “date night” and going to restaurants a lot lately so I decided it was time to stay in and have fun at home. He was all for it when I told him there would be Smurfs, chicken, and face paint involved!

I picked him up from school on Friday and even though it was raining, we headed over to Walmart to pick up the movie, some items for our snack and dinner, and then headed straight home for some fun!

Papa Smurf #TastyTenders #shop #cbias

First on our agenda was to get into the full swing of a Smurfs 2 Family Movie Night and dress up like a Smurf! I thought he would want to be Crazy Smurf (you know, because we’re all crazy) but when we were at Walmart, he declared that he would be Papa Smurf so we picked up some red sweat pants and a blue t-shirt. (By the way, he was Papa Smurf all weekend after this movie night…for only $6) We also had his clown face paint left over from Halloween and we were happy to see that it included blue and white so I painted on his face and beard and we were ready to party!

Smurfs and #TastyTenders #shop #cbias

One of our favorite things about movie night is we get to eat finger foods and have some fun with it. I picked up these Tyson Honey Battered Breast Tenders for dipping and made some blue ranch dip in honor of the Smurfs. The tenders can be cooked in the oven or the microwave and we were hungry after running through the rain outside so I popped some in both places to try them out both ways. I think I prefer them from the oven because they get a little crisper, but Benjamin liked them both ways and he thought the blue ranch was just hilarious!

Smurf jello #TastyTenders #shop #cbias

For dessert we had Smurf parfaits and I even made a special one for my special Papa Smurf that had red and blue jello. These were simple to make with a can of whipped cream and some jello cups. You just spray in some cream, plop in a jello cup, and spray the cream again. Easy peasy and so yummy!

Of course, while we were eating and being Smurfs, we were watching this fun-loving movie, Smurfs 2. Benjamin loves these movies and it’s just so fun to see him interested in characters that I enjoyed watching when I was a child. We enjoyed the story of how Smurfette came to be and how she was taught to be a good Smurf and discovered that she was originally supposed to be evil. My favorite message from the movie is that even if you’re told all your life that you’re evil (think about the “bad” Smurfs), you can still be accepted and you can change your ways. We teach Benjamin all the time that if his classmates are “bad” then he can still accept them and teach them how to be sweet just like him.

Sweet movie, sweet honey-dipped tenders, sweet dessert with my sweet boy. What more could a Mommy ask for?

By the way, Tyson is always cookin’ up something fun with their chicken so you should really follow along on Twitter @TysonTweets to see what they have going on! Check out more ideas on Smurfs 2 Family Movie Nights by following the hashtag #TastyTenders!

How do you make Family Movie Night fun for your kids?



  1. Kelly says:

    What a fun family night! I love your little Smurf!

  2. I love how your little one dressed up! WHAT FUN!!! Looks like a wonderful themed family night. #client

  3. WOW! This is awesome! I love that you went all out and your son dressed as Papa Smurf! He looked great! And those parfaits look YUMMY!! #client

    • janet says:

      Thank you, Sarah, we had a blast and I love making memories with my boy while I’m “working”. 🙂

  4. O.M.Goodness, how stinkin cute is this? We do dinner and a movie night in often. We don’t have Smurfs 2 yet, but now we just HAVE to get it and have a themed night. The babies will love it!

    • janet says:

      Thanks, Christy! I think they will love this movie and it has a great message! But you HAVE to paint their faces blue and post pics!

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