Clean House Advent Calendar Days 7 and 8 – Weekend Cleaning

This week has been ridiculous. It’s almost Thursday and I am finally posting about my weekend cleaning, but I’m really excited to tell you about it all. I realize now that a post a day on top of actually cleaning something different each day on top of taking care of an active 5 year old…is a little unrealistic! I’m still trying, but I don’t think I’ll ever catch up. My goal at this point is to get the house clean and in order by the end of the month so I can start 2014 with a renewed sense of clean.

Weekend cleaning - clean floors and baseboards

As I mentioned in my messy house post, I have recently been able to get certain things done during my weekend cleaning, such as the floors and the bathroom and this past weekend was no exception. I just took it a little step further and cleaned the baseboards, too! You can see a little yellow spot in the picture above of some glue on the baseboards that I could not get clean. I used bleach cleaner and a toothbrush on it and it just stayed yellow. Bummer.

the boy cleaning the floor

Benjamin really got into the cleaning as well and helped with vacuuming and using a Lysol sweeper. He really wanted to use the Swiffer because it is battery-operated and makes a fun noise, but we were out of wood floor cleaner and pads for the Swiffer.

the boy cleaning the walls

He also saw me cleaning the walls when I was cleaning the baseboards and he wanted to help with that as well. We even got a little photo bomb of our pug, Abby. She was so excited that we were moving around the house and doing things. She’s not scared of the vacuum like our big dog, Molly, so she was right there with us all day.

Once again, I was proud of us both for getting some good cleaning done and for the quality time we had together. I love that Benjamin gets so excited about helping to clean and I’m going to keep encouraging him because I don’t want him to grow up thinking that my mess is normal.

How did your weekend cleaning go?


  1. Haven’t stopped by in awhile to check the cleaning progress so I wanted to check in (sorry I’ve been super busy). Looking good and glad to see the progress. It’s great that Benjamin is getting involved too. Tip on that yellow glue stain. First try WD-40. Spray it on and leave it for a little while, then wipe it clean and follow up with Windex to dissolve the grease and odor. If that doesn’t work, try a vinegar and water mixture. Spray it on and leave for awhile and then wipe clean and follow up with Windex. PS I’m proud of you!

    • janet says:

      Thanks so much for the tips, Christy! Now I have a new project for this weekend!

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