Clean House Advent Calendar – Day 6 { Dining Table & Room }

Tell me, how many of you have a dining table that becomes a catch-all during the week? It is that place where homework is done and the school papers stack up, the keys and groceries are dropped, and the mail gets stacked up. I know many people have a kitchen bar or counter where things stack up, but we don’t have that. So, our dining table becomes the place…

cleaning up for Merry Christmas

Let me back up a bit and tell you why I’m at Day 6 (on Day 7) and why I haven’t even completed Day 3, 4, and 5. Geez, Janet, where have you been?! Well, after I showed you my messy house, then announced my Clean House Advent Calendar, I completed Day 1 and Day 2 of house cleaning…and then I had to go out of town for work. I honestly got ahead of myself a little and tried to do a few days’ work before I left, but I just couldn’t pull it off. I came home on Day 5 and was sick as a dog! This is why my life is such a mess!

messy dining table

After being gone for three days, my catch-all dining table was covered even more. Then I added my bag from being out of town and the Christmas decorations the boy and I bought to set up the Christmas tree…and this is where I started.

messy catch-all room

Day 6 was all about cleaning up this room for the Christmas tree. The boy and I worked together on this one and he was such a trooper. He helped me find places for all of his toys (yeah, they kinda got piled in his play area that will be one of the days – or five – of the calendar) and we made a special box for all of his school papers (finally!). We filled a trash bag full of pizza boxes and other trash and he even thought to run into the bathroom and empty that trash can as well. He actually really loves to clean once we get started. After we had all the “junk” out of the way, we vacuumed and cleaned the floors with our wood floor Swiffer.

I was really proud of us both!

We rewarded ourselves by setting up the Christmas tree and putting on the new ornaments we bought. The only thing we couldn’t do because we didn’t have thumb tacks, was put up the stockings.

clean dining table - getting ready to hang the stockings

Now that we have a clean dining table and dining room, we can work hard to keep it clean. I think the box for his school papers is going to be our biggest asset. Next time I’m at Walmart, I will be looking for something more permanent (plastic rather than cardboard) so I can keep the really special papers like his journals and the books he makes.

So, we’re back on track and ready to get rocking and rolling on the rest of this calendar.

Do I go back and do what I had planned for Days 3, 4, and 5 or do I just keep going on Day 7 and so on…?

How do you keep your “catch-all” place, like my dining table, clean and organized?


  1. Mari says:

    It doesn’t matter now, but I’m leaving a comment just in case it does.
    Do not go back. Just start from where you are. You’ll get too overwhelmed. (I’m all about not being overwhelmed because I get overwhelmed EASY!)

    • janet says:

      Oh, believe me, I didn’t go back. I just moved forward and then came back around once the house was “done”. It is even staying mostly clean now!

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