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A Story on Standing Firmly in Grace

When I started my blog in August 2011, I knew very little about blogging. I had been reading blogs for a while and started reading blogs about blogging and then jumped in with both feet and created this. Every day I learn a little more about blogging, about myself, about friendships online.

Recently, one of my friends emailed me and asked if she could write a story on my blog to see if what she was feeling in her heart would be a good topic for a blog. My answer, of course, was YES and she wrote this beautiful story about Grace in Parenting. I loved it so much and just knew she needed to start her own blog. She did and her words are beautiful.

A few weeks ago she asked me to write for her…yikes! Yes, I’m a Christian and I talk about it a little here on the blog, but for the most part I don’t write an entire post about my faith or my religion. I’m not ashamed of it in any way. I just don’t go there often.

It took me 2-3 weeks to have the courage to actually write for her, but today she has posted my story. I would love for you to visit her blog and read what I wrote, read what she writes, and leave us some comments over there!

She speaks with wisdom, and faithfull instruction is on her tongue. Proverbs 31:26

Here it is – Resolution Sessions: Going Crazy! Wanna Go?

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