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One of my boy’s favorite things in the world to do is ask me to read a book to him. I can tell him that we have time for one book before bed and he comes back with a minimum of six books, some of which he wants to hear more than once. Now that he’s in Kindergarten and starting to read as well, he brings home a book for him and a book for me to read to him every night during homework. Sometimes I have things around the house that need to get done and only have time for one or two, so I was thankful when the Sparkup Magical Book Reader arrived at our door for a review.

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Sparkup Magical Book Reader

You all should know by now that when I receive something for the purposes of review that all opinions and stories are my own, but I have to say it. I did not receive monetary compensation for this review. 

Benjamin just loves to read. He is so proud that he is reading on his own a little now and he loves to show it off. We all know that reading to your child is the best way to teach them to read as well, so I’m all for reading to him whenever we have the opportunity. When there are times I can’t; however, he still likes to look at books and now he can read along with the help of the Sparkup Magical Book Reader.

Sparkup Magical Book Reader - How does it work 

This Magical Book Reader is the coolest idea I have seen since recordable greeting cards. I can read all of Benjamin’s favorite books into the Sparkup and then he can hear me reading to him whenever he chooses. It will store up to 50 books and even has a way to download books onto it from the internet. The reader actually recognizes the book by its cover and then reads along with all of the pages.

Sparkup Magical Book Reader

Our book came with an introduction book and two other storybooks pre-loaded onto it. We had a great time playing with it to see how it works. It knows what page you are on through the light scanner on top and even knows when you skip a page or go back.

attach Sparkup Magical Book Reader to the back of the book

All you have to do is clip the reader onto the back of the book and it will ask you to show it the cover of the book. Once it recognizes the book, you just flip the pages and it reads to you. How cool is that?

Sparkup Magical Book Reader

One of the books we received was Tikki Tikki Tembo (Howard’s favorite childhood book) and Benjamin had so much fun “reading” it because of the silly story and that he could read along. He knew when to turn the pages when the story paused, but eventually he will be able to follow the words by pointing to them.

In my family, there aren’t many times when I’m away for long periods of time, and my boy’s extended family is all close by, but as he gets older, the boy is getting more and more independent and he wants to do things on his own. He is in a generation that is all about technology and computers so I’m afraid that books are going to all go digital. It’s nice to have a new “toy” out that is marrying a child’s first love of reading and books with the appeal of a technology-based product.

This would make a great gift for the holidays coming soon!

More about Sparkup Magical Book Reader

Sparkup is great for those moments when families can’t read together – like when grandma and grandpa return home to Florida, or if dad is away on business. It can be used in many other fun and creative ways. In addition,Sparkup lets kids read their favorite stories whenever they choose, encouraging independent reading and building confidence in their literacy skills. Sparkup is perfect for back-to-school! 


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What was your favorite book as a child? What is your child’s favorite book now?

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