Fresh Healthy Dinner Idea – Fish Taco Lettuce Wraps

Now that Howard is working a lot in the evenings, I’m creating healthy dinners for the boy and me, so as part of a sponsored post for #CollectiveBias , I’m sharing my Fish Taco Lettuce Wraps that you can add to your quick and easy meal planning ideas.

Healthy Fish Taco Lettuce Wraps #OceanNaturals #shop #cbias

Since Howard began working again, he has been working a lot in the evening. I’ve been tasked, for the first time in 6 years, to create dinner for the boy and me. I am a quick and easy type of dinner creater because we have homework, bath, and play time to fit in before bedtime.

You know that Howard and I are on a strict eating plan and our boy wants our tummies smaller so we can sit in a booth at a restaurant so he’s been asking “is this healthy” a lot lately. Benjamin and I love fish, but Howard is not a fan so this is a great time for me to introduce new flavors to our boy that he will love and that keeps us both healthy.

Naturally Delicious Healthy Dinner Ideas #OceanNaturals #shop #cbias

One of my favorite lunches to take to work is tuna fish and I recently learned about Ocean Naturals premium tuna that makes eating tuna even healthier! I decided last night we would try something fresh and healthy that was also quick and easy. We made Healthy Fish Taco Lettuce Wraps and they were a hit!

Ocean Naturals Skipjack Chunk Light Tuna #OceanNaturals #shop #cbias

Let me stop and tell you a little bit about the tuna first. This Ocean Naturals premium Wild tuna has so many benefits that I had the chance to talk to Benjamin about eating healthy and helping our environment.

Here are a few benefits from the Ocean Naturals website:

We guarantee that all of our responsibly- caught tuna is harvested:

  • From target species populations that are healthy and abundant and are currently being harvested at a level that promotes the stocks’ longevity
  • Using catch-methods that limit ecosystem impacts
  • In regions where the fishery is managed by regulatory bodies that help sustain the long-term productivity of all impacted species

 Wild Premium Tuna #OceanNaturals #shop #cbias

Let me just tell you that as much as I love tuna, this premium tuna is even better. It tastes fresh and juicy, doesn’t have that chalky, dry feeling, and it just makes me feel better about feeding it to my boy because of all the health benefits.

Seafood is an important part of a healthy diet and contains high-quality protein and Omega 3 fatty acids. A well-balanced diet that includes seafood can contribute to heart health and benefit children’s growth and development.

Fresh Healthy Dinner Ideas #OceanNaturals #shop #cbias

Fish Taco Lettuce Wraps

I used romaine lettuce because it makes for the perfect “shell” to a taco. I didn’t have to season the premium tuna because it already has a dash of salt in it, but I added some fresh carrots and fresh mild pico de gallo for a little bit of extra flavor. I had intended to add a little avocado, but you know how quick and easy grocery shopping with a 5 year old can be…I just simply forgot to pick it up. You can add as many fresh ingredients you like to make the perfect taco!

Now, I should tell you that my boy doesn’t think he likes lettuce and really, I didn’t when I was growing up either, so I’m not worried. He ate his taco stuffings with a fork and I had a little extra lettuce after he was done, but he loved the premium tuna and listened intently when I told him how healthy this was for his growth. I can even go online to learn exactly where my premium tuna came from with a code from the packaging.

My boy wants to grow up to be big and strong like his daddy, but without the big tummy. He’s a sweet boy and it made this dinner planning a healthy success. I think I can do this menu planning thing after all.

For more great ideas on how to use this premium tuna in your menu planning, check out the Ocean Naturals Pinterest Board!


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  1. I love the idea of using lettuce over shells! We’re trying to eliminate grains around here, so great idea!

    • janet says:

      Thanks Kerri! I love lettuce wraps for so many things so this tuna taco is one of my faves!

  2. I like the idea of adding the pico de gallo for the extra flavor. Great easy recipe idea!

  3. These look great! So fresh and healthy! Thanks for sharing. #client

  4. Janet, this looks really good! Gosh, I’m so hungry right now, all these recipes are tempting me to step into my kitchen.:) Thanks so much for sharing over on Inspire Me Wednesday this week!

  5. I love the idea of using romaine in place of tortilla shells. So fresh looking, too! Nice work! #client

  6. mel says:

    Can you say yum!!! I want to try this stat!!! Thanks for sharing!

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