That Crazy Man I Love…our Six Year Anniversary

Wedding at Falkenstein Castle with @JanetGoingCrazy and That Crazy Man I Love {10/6/07}

I just love sharing our wedding pictures so much. Now that we are about to hit our six year anniversary, this is another great time for me to share. I’m going to make this short and sweet because I really just want to remember the great party that God provided for us on that day. 

Falkenstein castle Burnet TX (10/6/07)

Falkenstein Castle in Burnet, TX (10/6/07)

sunflowers and bouquet

I absolutely love Fall colors and I just love sunflowers so I decided to have my girls carry the sunflowers and my mother-in-law designed my bouquet. We borrowed the ring pillow from my sister-in-law who had just been married that May.

unity candle

We bought a lot of our wedding things either on sale or on Amazon and Ebay. The unity candles came from Ebay, I believe. They were so beautiful on the candleabra provided by the castle owners.

my daddy and me

Despite my daddy’s hesitancy on the morning of my wedding day (yes, he actually told me that he would drive me away if I wanted to 😉 ) he was so handsome and so happy for me. He only wanted me to be happy and he could tell by my smile that I was overjoyed.

wedding party walking the aisle

I went totally easy on my bridesmaids and told them to pick out any dress they wanted in brown or orange. As you can see, most of them went the practical route and picked brown. They wanted to be able to wear it again. But my little sister, the only unmarried one I might add, picked orange and I loved it. They all looked so beautiful.

My niece was the flower girl and my best friend’s son was the ring bearer. They were just adorable!

our wedding rings

I’m not really sure if the photographer made my ring sparkle like this, but I love this picture of our rings.

dancing in the aisle

After the ceremony, Howard and I danced down the aisle and luckily everyone followed and danced down with us. Even our parents got in on the dancing! This is my favorite dancing pic because these two look like they are ready to par-tay!

slipper flops - Let the wedding party begin!

So…par-tay we did! All the girls put on slipper flip-flops and we were out on the dance floor in no time. We had the most amazing night of dancing, laughing, partying…and my girlfriends even got to help me go pee in a wedding dress. I honestly think that was the highlight of their night. 😉

wedding cakes

We ordered a Fall themed cake for the wedding cake, but Howard’s mom made his Winnie-the-Pooh cake. Howard and I had cake with every meal during our honeymoon staycation (at the Omni hotel in downtown Austin).

Howard pirate

Howard and I have an inside joke about pirates and eye patches so when he went to get the garter off my leg, first he found an eye patch! Even if you don’t know the joke, his face was hilarious!

little sis with garter

But, I also had a garter and somehow my sis ended up with it. Just seeing this on her head reminds me again of how much fun everyone had at that party. It almost makes me want to have another wedding just so people will all come together again and party.

Why I Love My Husband

{the never-ending list}


Now for more of my never-ending list

86. He helped me plan and shop for every detail of our wedding so we could both enjoy it.

87. He makes me smile and laugh every day.

88. He laughs at my eccentricities. I’m a little of a weirdo in real life.

89. He winks at me randomly. And then I get that heart flutter all over again.

90. He chose me for better or for worse. And although we’ve been through some “worse”, we are on the “better” right now and it is just as amazing as that party on the night of 10/6/07.

Happy Anniversary, babe, I love you!

Happy Wives Club

I’m building this never-ending list every Thursday (even though they moved the linky to Monday once a month) with the Happy Wives Club. Sometimes, it will be mushy and sometimes it will be hilarious, but it will always be true.

What are some of the reasons you love your husband?



  1. Janet W. says:

    Your fall colors are beautiful! What a stunning day for you!

  2. Stacie Gay says:

    It was so fun! Erin and I going shopping for the slippers was an adventure in and of itself! I can’t believe its been 6 years! Love these pictures!!! Look at my little girl…where did she go??? Hope you have a wonderful anniversary weekend! Love you!

  3. barb says:

    Happy Happy HAPPY ANNIVERSARY Janet. The pictures are beautiful, the cakes look delicious…and your wedding party (+ the castle) – The coolest!!! 🙂

  4. Aunt Linda says:

    So much fun to relive this! I had not seen some of these photos. Congratulations, I know you two have worked very hard to have a loving and happy family and it is paying off. Have fun this weekend! XXOO

  5. Beautiful wedding!!!

    Wishing you both a happy anniversary, with many more to come!

  6. Wow! You got married in a castle! This was so sweet. Happy Anniversary!

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