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345.0 – I Cheated Myself in My Weight Loss {Fatty Friday}

This week I found out how I cheated myself out of a good weight loss…and I’m not proud. I thought I could get away with eating something that I knew wasn’t on my plan, but I paid for it, financially and on the scale.

Nothing tastes as good as thin feels {Fatty Friday} #weightloss

Last week I talked about how I was resisting temptations (for the most part) and that other part really came back at me this week. Remember yesterday when I told you about how Howard and I spend our mornings together and one of those stops we make is to pick up breakfast? Well, I guess I wasn’t completely honest about what I actually eat. I do only eat the innards of a breakfast burrito, but I failed to mention that part of those innards is CHEESE. Cheese is like my chocolate when I can’t have chocolate. I have a strong weakness to cheese and I explain it to myself that cheese is part of a food group and good for me. But, the big problem with cheese is that it is NOT on my eating plan. I affected my weight loss this week.

Cheese is my downfall…

I lost 0.4 lbs this week!

Howard had to work again so he didn’t go with me to weigh in. I am hoping that he cleared up that schedule problem with his work finally and that he will be able to join me next week.

For this week, I’m cutting the cheese (ha!) on my breakfast burrito innards and nixing the cheese on my Apple Cranberry Chicken Salad from Whataburger at lunch. I’m not going to be cheating myself out of a good weight loss again this week. I WILL be strong!

What is your food nemesis when you are trying to eat right?



  1. BREAD. Anything with flour in it, really. Used to be cheese but suddenly I can’t tolerate lactose, so, that’s limited. Oh and chocolate. No, anything sweet, really. Oh, I can’t decide. Food is mine. I just choose food. lol
    Michelle recently posted..Watch Me ShrinkMy Profile

  2. I am also a cheese lover, but with Slimming World in the UK, we have to have cheese as it is calcium and needed along with milk for healthy bones. I can have 45g of low fat cheese or 28g of normal hard cheese. We can also have about 75g of soft cheese like Philadpelphia extra light (not sure if you get that in US). It is a great eating plan and the only state in the US it’s available in is Texas! You never go hungry. It costs me £4.95 a week which is about $7.50 or if we buy 6 weeks we get a week free.
    If you get it in your area, it’s well worth a try. We have people at group who weighed far more than you and they have had fantastic success.
    You will get there, I know you can do it! I’m with you all the way xx
    Lisa Hardy recently posted..BOOK TOUR & EXCERPT – Tinseltown Riff by Shelly FromeMy Profile

  3. Well, any weight loss is a good weight loss. You’re still moving forward and I’m still proud of you. PS I pink puffy heart cheese! Good luck!
    Christy recently posted..Dudes…I’m Not THAT Mom! But It’s Not My Fault…NickMom Says So!My Profile

    • janet says:

      Thank you, Christy. I’m still happy with a loss and grieving my cheese. 😉

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