347.6 – Baby Steps in Weight Loss

Well, it looks like last week’s weight loss hiccups struck us this week because we had a bad weekly weigh-in. I don’t want to be the one (again) to stop posting my weigh-in when I have a bad week so today I’m posting about baby steps in weight loss.

“Every day do something that will inch you closer to a better tomorrow.” ~Doug Firebaugh

Howard and I have noticed that the more hectic our week becomes, the less likely we are to eat as we are supposed to. I tend to slack on drinking my water because I am driving all over town and I don’t want to stop at a restroom every few minutes. He tends to not eat at all which is just as bad as eating the wrong things.

This week was the most hectic it has been since he started back to work.

He has been scheduled for a few late nights and I have been entertaining our boy in the evening after homework. We try to get him to bed by 8pm on school nights, but there were a couple of nights when Howard was scheduled to work until 10pm. He was able to finish his work and get out by 9pm, but that is still a late night for us all.

We HAVE to get him his own vehicle now!

We also had another hiccup this week when Howard made Buffalo Chicken Calzones for his blog and while we didn’t eat the pizza dough, we did eat the chicken which was breaded. Along with the other struggles from the week, these things had a negative impact on our weekly weigh-in.

I lost 0.4 lbs this week!

Hey, I still consider every loss a good loss, but Howard gained 4 lbs so we were both pretty bummed.

As for exercise, I did walk in a parade with my boy on Monday and that was a good 2-3 mile walk. We were in the group toward the end of the parade and I was terrified that my boy and I would be the very last people to walk into the pep rally so we did a little speed walking. Benjamin got tired about halfway through so I carried him about half a mile (that’s 46 lbs of dead weight there!), but then he found his girlfriend so we had walking partners with her Nana and baby sister and we were not the last group of people to walk the stadium!

In any case, baby step in weight loss are a given and help us learn what works for our bodies and what doesn’t. This week we are drinking more water, eating our meals and snacks as we should, and shopping for a cheap car for Howard. All of these things are just another step in improving our lives for our boy (hopefully more children) and our grandchildren someday.

How do you deal with baby steps in weight loss?


  1. You’re right, celebrate every baby step. And a 2-3 mile walk? That’s awesome! I say keep it up, you’re definitely doing something right! 😀

  2. Carole says:

    Congrats on starting your journey! You will feel so much better and have so much more energy – which is what you need in your hectic life.

    Your success will hinge largely on your ability to plan. We always have to have something planned to dinner, or else we will fall into the trap. Know what I mean?

    We are really busy too. Most of our dinners take 15-30 minutes. We do a lot of salad and a sauted meat of some sort. 1 pan to wash. Sometimes we’ll do a steamed vegetable. Benjamin might want a carb side dish, but you and Howard need to stay away from carbs at night as much as possible. That is hard in our house too. My daughter still has the last few pounds to go. I need calories. If I make a side dish, she will eat it. So I don’t make one.

    We also walk the dog 1-2 miles each night. Walking is probably the most effective exercise. My brother in law has lost a lot of weight since they got their dog.

    Getting enough sleep is really important too. When you don’t, your body want more food for fuel.

    But the biggest tip I can give you is to eat real food. Anything packaged or processed has too much salt, sugar, soy, and chemicals. Your body cannot process the fake foods because there are no nutrients to process – so it piles them in your fat cells. Weird, right? A can of pop a day, even diet pop – is 10 pounds a year.

    If I can do anything to help, let me know. Feel free to stop by the free members area and get some recipes.

  3. Thank you, Janet, for another great and inspiring post. Congrats on more weight loss. Even if it does seem a small amount now, when added up with many more small amounts to come, that will culminate in big results! Congratulations, too, on staying so positive! I know that can be hard to do when the results aren’t big even when you’re putting in big effort, or worse, when you have a gain back. We here at home were sick last week and are now on some medications. I ended up with a three pound back slide gain and that had me a bit down yesterday… So I was really looking forward to your post for this week for some inspiration. You are a great inspiration. I thank you for that, too! Keep up the great work on all fronts!

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