How I Made My Niece Smile This Week

I have a brand new niece and she is the most beautiful creature. She is five weeks old and is the light of her mommy’s eye. I just love her so much. She just started smiling this week and I couldn’t wait to see it so here is how I made my niece smile this week with the Portable Swing I received for review from Double Duty Divas!

Taggies Swing N Go Portable Swing

Isn’t she just adorable?! She loves to swing anyway, but this new, soft, and adorable swing has even made my sister smile. It was a surprise to her and she loves it. It’s a TaGgies Swing N Go Portable Swing!

First, let me tell you about when I received it. Hilarious! I was sitting outside on the porch talking on the phone and my boy was in the bathtub. In our new house, you can see out the front door from the bathroom (lovely, I know). The package arrived so when I came in from my phone call, the boy was jumping to know what it was that HE got in a package. I told him it was a gift for Baby Preslee and he said, “go catch that driver because we don’t have Baby Preslee at this house!”. Haha!

Anyway, I quickly snapped a pic of the box and text it to my sister and told her that I had a new review that SHE needed to help me with on my blog. She was so excited! She could hardly wait for me to bring it over and get it set up, but I had another package (that I bought on Amazon) that I wanted to wait for so it was a couple of days before we took it over.

TaGgies Swing N Go portable swing final

Putting together the portable swing was fairly easy, although I will tell you that when you open the box and all of those pieces are laid out…it looks like it is going to be a tough task. Most of the pieces go together with clickable buttons and just slide together. There are 6 screws that are needed in a few places, but if you follow the instructions carefully, you will not have a problem at all. The hardest part was finding a screwdriver at my sister’s house. Well, and that I put two of the legs on the wrong sides because I was talking to my sister, son, and husband at the same time.

TaGgies Swing N Go Portable Swing: adjust the speed music and duration

The portable swing has speed, music, and timer controls on the front bottom of the frame. My sister was most excited about the volume of the music and the timer for the swing. She is pumping milk after each feeding and she said that Baby Preslee likes to swing while she is doing this. Having a certain time set so the swing doesn’t have to restart is great for her!

TaGgies Swing N Go Portable Swing: peek a boo caterpillar and taggies

TaGgies Swing N Go Portable Swing: peek a boo caterpillar and taggies

One of my favorite parts is this adorable peek-a-boo caterpillar with TaGgies on his ears! The TaGgies are going to be great fun for Baby Preslee…once she realizes they are there.

TaGgies Swing N Go Portable Swing: safety harness

Hiding under the caterpillar is the safety harness to keep Baby Preslee locked in. Once she gets a little more active, she might just try to jump out of it! Not really…but better safe than sorry!

TaGgies Swing N Go Portable Swing: comfy headrest

As you can see from the first pic, Baby Preslee is not quite tall enough to reach this yet, but this comfy headrest is there for her when she is! The pillow is so soft and has a velcro strip that holds it in place. We wished it could have been adjusted down just a little so she could reach it, but it will be there as she grows.

TaGgies Swing N Go Portable Swing: hanging critters with taggies

These fun little creatures are also adorable with their TaGgies. They dangle from the bar across the top of the swing and have friendly smiling faces!

TaGgies Swing N Go Portable Swing: pull handle up to fold swing

This sturdy handle runs along the bottom of the portable swing and you just grab it, squeeze, and pull up to fold the swing and go. It is very easy, one pull, but also snaps back into place for security when baby is just’a swingin’ (swingin’…).

TaGgies Swing N Go Portable Swing: easy to fold portable swing

My sister loves how small and portable the swing can be because she likes to go, go, go… She has family all over town and they all want her to come visit, but she doesn’t want to hold Baby Preslee or leave her in a carseat all the time. Why should she be able to play while visiting family? We also had a good laugh about how many different “contraptions” and blankets and tummy time mats were taking over my sister’s living room so it is nice that this one folds up and hides in a corner when it’s not being used.

  TaGgies Swing N Go Portable Swing: Baby Preslee is mesmerized by the swinging bar

So…what did Baby Preslee think?! She is mesmerized by the swinging bar on the right side. We are pretty sure that is because of the contrast in colors and the movement. I’m not sure if she can see the pastel critters that are hanging above her just yet (at 5 weeks) so we decided that she gives it two eyes up!

Learn more about TaGgies on their website, on Facebook, or follow them on Instagram!

Who do you know who would LOVE this portable swing?

Disclosure: This review was made possible by Double Duty Divas and Kids II. I was provided the featured product free of charge to facilitate my review, but all opinions are 100% mine.




  1. Summer says:

    She’s very pretty now aunt Janet! 🙂 I love that swing! I know some kiddos who would have loved it too.

    • janet says:

      Aww…thanks, Summer! I think she’s kinda pretty, too. 😉

  2. How cute! My daughter loved Taggies as a baby so this makes a perfect gift that combines two great things. Love it!

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