How to Keep Your Secret Love Affair {with your husband}

Since the moment I met my husband, I have been in love and I want to keep that love affair fresh, so I am sharing a few tips as part of a sponsored post for Collective Bias® on how to keep your love affair fresh and sexy.

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It’s really no secret that I love my husband like crazy. He may drive me up the wall at times (as do I to him ALL the time), but I’m in love and I want to tell the world.

But, life gets in the way sometimes. We have a 5 year old who still sleeps in our bed. The boy wants us to put him in his bed after he falls asleep, but he’s right back in our bed by morning.

We are busy with that boy all the time as well. We have Kindergarten and soccer and we have to schedule in some family time at the dinner table or the park. We are an on-the-go family.

Sometimes keeping our love affair alive can be challenging, but here are my tips for keeping it fresh.

How to Keep your Secret Love Affair {with your husband} Fresh and Sexy #FreshNSexy #shop #cbias

How to Keep Your Secret Love Affair {with your husband} Fresh and Sexy

1. Plan a date night

I live in a town with my parents and my little sister. We have friends who have children old enough to babysit. We try to plan date night out (or in) at least once a month. We may go out to dinner, but we are most likely going to get dinner, stay home, and share some intimate time, child-free.

2. Take advantage of lunch breaks

Howard doesn’t drive (yet) so when he has an hour lunch break, I typically pick him up and we head home for lunch. We may sit and eat, then watch a little TV together, but keeping our love affair fresh means this time may be another opportunity for intimate time together, child-free.

3. Perfect your pillow talk

On the nights when our boy does make it to his own bed, I love to surprise him with a little pillow talk. Here’s my real secret: I am terrible at pillow talk. I might start singing “Let’s get it on” or tell him that I’m going to my happy place so he can have his way. He has a love/hate feeling about my pillow talk, but it makes us laugh and the intimate time happens regardless.

4. Steal kisses every chance you get

Howard and I love to kiss. Sometimes our intimate moments are just about “making out”, but our boy is usually around (read, back in our bed again) so we steal kisses every chance we get. If the boy is watching TV before bed, we may sneak in some lip-smacking. However, we had better be quiet because if the boy hears it, he will be right in the middle of us telling us to stop. It keeps the secret alive and makes us laugh.

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5. Stay Fresh and Sexy at all times

Now that I have been losing weight and feeling better, our intimate moments are beginning to happen more often. With soccer and this incredible Texas heat, I might not always feel fresh and sexy enough by the time our day is ending. I don’t want to jump in the shower and risk waking the boy (read, I don’t have the time and energy to do the whole routine again). I have found the Playtex FRESH + SEXY™ Wipes to make me feel fresh before our intimate moments and again after the moment has passed.

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These cloths have a fresh scent to make me feel fresh and make Howard want to take care of me 😉 in our intimate moments. They are also hypoallergenic so your lady parts (or men’s parts as well) don’t suffer if you have sensitive skin. The cloths are soft and flushable and condition your skin with natural botanicals, such as cranberry, chamomile, and aloe. My intimate moment stays intimate even when I’ve had the busiest day!

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How do you keep your marriage fresh and sexy?



  1. Samantha says:

    I’m always looking for new great ways to keep things spicy!

  2. Janet W. says:

    My husband and I have been married since 1973. We still love to have date nights because it takes us away from every one else so we can focus on each other!

  3. Ana says:

    I love that you’re finding ways to keep your love life sweet even with your five year old around. Sooner or later you’ll get him out of your bed and things will perk up even more. After all he’s not going to be creeping between you when he’s 12! My tip is to get used to sleeping naked – skin to skin contact makes all the difference – but then my kids are already beyond the age of getting into bed with us. Also have a whole child free weekend away every now and then, even if you don’t go far although my favorite is Paris – just a 2 hour flight for me.

  4. Girl we have got to perfect that pillow talk! You can be dirty in your own house and a lady in the streets! Seriously. Howard will perk right up (hehe) if you lean over and whisper something about how you’ve been dreaming of stuffed sausage all day long. Seriously. Seriously.

    • janet says:

      No way, Summer, my man loves my crazy pillow talk. He cracks up! I could write a whole post just about pillow talk. 😉

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