The Perfect Boy Crafts

You already know that my boy and I love crafts, but there are times when I’m just not feeling crafty or imaginative and I don’t have time to get stuck research on Pinterest. He wants something quick and easy, fun and crafty, but something that doesn’t require a lot of steps. We need boy crafts! I’ve pretty much found the perfect boy crafts with these text-UR® foam crafts that I received for review.

(btw, you know that when I receive things in exchange for a review that my opinion is my own, right?)

 text-UR® Foam crafts magnets

Spending time with my boy is the most fun I have ever had, but spending time together on Family Fun nights is even better. As a family we have been spending more time on activities before or after dinner at the dinner table. One night while Howard was cooking dinner, Benjamin and I brought these out and they were the perfect boy crafts to introduce for a short crafting session.

text-UR® Foam crafts

We received the “standard package” so there was a LOT to look through. I was tempted to just give him one of the pre-fab kits like the turtle or the bee, but we decided on the magnets first. If you look closely at the packaging, you can see the texturized foam pieces and a sample on each small package.

busy work for little hands text-UR® Foam crafts

Perfect for little hands, these foam crafts encourage creativity while being perfect for boys (and moms) with short attention spans, but the desire to be crafty. Benjamin loved picking out different shapes and colors to put on each of the little creatures.

text-UR® Foam crafts dragonfly

Of course, each of the creatures had to have “googly” eyes and some needed more embellishments as well. There were lots of colors, textures, and shapes to choose from. The shapes were precut, but needed to be punched out of a larger piece and stuck to the creatures with the small tape squares. The eyes just had sticky directly on the back of them so they stuck right on the creatures.

text-UR® Foam crafts

This is a great quick craft for boys or for any child who likes to use textures, colors, and lots of imagination while crafting something simple. Am I making any sense here? The craft is quick, guided, and fun for kids.

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What are some quick boy crafts that you use in a pinch?


  1. These are too cute! My daughter loves craft time – it’s so fun to see how their little minds work!

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