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#ad My boy is going to Kindergarten…time for me to get into action! #Clip4School #cbias

#ad Tyson Back to School #Clip4School #cbias

Yesterday I did the one thing that I have been putting off for four months and registered my boy for Kindergarten…yikes! As part of a sponsored post for Collective Bias®, I’m going to tell you all about how I’m helping to get my boy ready for school and how I plan to give to my boy’s school throughout the year.

Kindergarten registration started in April and I saw the signs, planning every day to head over to the school with his paperwork. My boy has been asking since the day after he turned 5 when he could start Kindergarten, but I have been putting off the actual registration. I’m not ready for my boy to go to school, but it’s time. In less than three weeks, I will be sending that little baby boy off to Kindergarten and I’m not planning to miss a thing!

When I was growing up, my parents were not overly involved with my school. They attended Open House or Meet the Teacher nights and occasionally would attend a PTA meeting if we were getting awards or something important was happening. They didn’t volunteer to do a lot and they definitely weren’t on any PTA boards. While I’m not planning to be room mother or PTA president, I am planning to be involved and whenever I can find a program that will give back to my boy’s school, I’m definitely interested.

#ad Tyson Project A+ #Clip4School #cbias

Tyson’s Project A+ program is the perfect way for me to give back to my boy’s school!

If you’ve been around my blog for a while, you already know that I don’t cook much and when I do, it has to be Quick and Easy Meals. Tyson rocks my socks off with all of their healthy options for a quick meal or snack. Now, I can make a quick meal on a school night, after soccer or some other sport, and then use the packaging to give back to my son’s school.

#ad Tyson bread bowls #Clip4School #cbias

I haven’t talked much about this yet on the blog, but my family moved this past weekend. We started moving a few things on Thursday night and moved, moved, moved until we finally finished on Monday afternoon. It was a traumatic experience and that’s a whole other post, but by the time Tuesday came around, we needed something easy and healthy (after grabbing burgers and pizza all weekend).

#ad Tyson broccoli cheese bread bowls #Clip4School #cbias

We headed to Walmart to shop for some Tyson bread bowls and Any’tizers for an appetizers dinner. I was happy to have something healthy, delicious, easy, and to still have my new white kitchen clean after cooking the bread bowls in the microwave.

#ad Tyson tips for success #Clip4School #cbias

But, this is not just about a healthy and delicious dinner. This is about giving back to my boy’s school and I was able to kickstart that into action after buying these Tyson participating products!

Students, parents, teachers and other members of the community are collecting Tyson Project A+ labels from Tyson® product boxes and bags. Tyson will send the school a check in the amount of 24¢ per label. Funds raised through Tyson Project A+ can be spent on anything the school needs, including supplies, equipment, building repairs and school programs.

With our little appetizers meal and Hubby’s lunch today, we saved up four Project A+ labels and almost $1 for my boy’s new school! I see a lot more Tyson dinners in our future.

#ad Support Your School with Project A plus box #Clip4School #cbias

I also found my place in helping Northside Primary School (my boy’s new school) because when I went to look up his school, they were not signed up. Guess what? I’m not the Tyson Project A+ coordinator for Northside Primary! What a fun little task for me.

Luckily, the Project A+ site has resources for spreading the word around to parents, students, and community members. I’m taking this on and you might just see me posting my progress throughout the school year. Each school can earn up to $12,000 so I’ll set my first goal at $1000 (at $0.24 a piece, this sounds reasonable, right?).

How are you helping your child’s school (or the schools in your area) this year?


  1. Jenne says:

    I haven’t seen the bread bowls. I did the campaign too and use the buffalo chicken to make sliders. These look good! Will definitely have to try them.
    Jenne recently posted..Brew Over Ice Giveaway #LoveBrewOverIceMy Profile

  2. Gina N. says:

    What a exceptional time you will be experiencing with your son! The first day of school is always so memorable, especially kindergarten. Thank you for sharing and I look forward to reading more of your posts. With so much going on with everyday activities, family, kids, school, work, I also like quick and easy meals too.

  3. barb says:

    Yay for Benjamin!!!! Can’t wait to hear all the Kinder stories he’ll bring home that you will share. :) Looking forward to it!

    I haven’t tried the Tyson breadbowls – we buy their frozen chicken tenderloins all the time – but after seeing that picture, you’re definitely making me hungry for some now! Gotta buy some when I go grocery shopping tonight.

    Great post Janet, as always…

    And PS – My parents weren’t involved in our school things either (unless it was something like rewards, just like you).
    barb recently posted..#Giveaway: A Full sized Bottle of @FiberChoice – their NEW #FruityBitesMy Profile

  4. Sandy VanHoey says:

    We have tried the bread bowls, I liked them and have another box in the freezer. You’ll have to keep us posted on how you’re doing once your son is gone.
    I have been collecting the box tops out for the school for several years now. They also take the pop caps so everything helps out.

  5. Tammy S says:

    You will love seeing how much he learns each day of Kindergarten. It’s great. I am glad you got all moved! These Bread Bowl Appetizers look great! I will have to look for them at my store.

  6. He will LOVE Kindergarten (and you will love it too!). My school isn’t participating in Tyson A+ yet, but I’m hoping to get them started!
    Heather recently posted..Freebie NectresseMy Profile

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