We Survived Day One of Kindergarten

Well, we did it. We survived Day One of Kindergarten without incident…sort of…

The day started out okay. I overslept just a little, but luckily nobody had to shower or bathe in the morning. I freshened up and brushed my teeth and pulled out the clothes my boy had picked out the night before. Green shirt, khaki pants, and don’t forget the Skechers shoes (of course, they have to be the light-up Skechers…nothing but the best for that boy).

I was shocked when he woke up fast and didn’t fight me in getting dressed. He got silly around the shoes with Daddy, but we knew he wanted to wear them so we just giggled along with him.

Kindergarten photo Day One

My big boy Kindergartener!

We didn’t have the usual morning arguments over playing or watching cartoons and he was ready to go when it was time.

ready for Kindergarten with Daddy

Everybody was smiles as we all got in the car and ready to go. Our boy had already informed us that he was going to be walking himself in on the first day and he did not want anyone to walk with him. I was hesitant, but I wanted my boy to be independent and feel like a big boy so I agreed. We pulled up to the school and waited in line as all the cars were dropping off big kids.

We saw parents walking the Kindergarteners in and we even saw one girl friend taking pictures outside the school. She had the biggest bow on her head and the boy dramatically fell back in his seat and exclaimed, “oh no…I have another girlfriend…” He is a sucker for a girl with a HUGE bow on her head.

As we pulled up to the ladies helping everyone out I asked him one last time if he wanted me to help him walk in and he said no so I got out, helped him out of his seat, said goodbye and off he went.

Then it happened…

As we were maneuvering out of the parking lot, Hubby asked “Are you okay?”.

You see…that’s just wrong! This is what happened to me on the first day of daycare as well. I was “fine” until someone said “are you okay?” and then suddenly I’m not okay anymore.

The tears started rolling and I was officially freaking out. I asked Hubby if I should go check on him. He said “if you want”…grrr, I hate that answer when I’m feeling uneasy.

We pulled out of the parking lot and headed toward home. I made it to the loop and then Hubby said I should go back. I was still in tears. So, I pulled a U-turn right there on the loop and headed back.

Of course, by the time we made it back, the parking lot was packed even more so I parked on the side of a hill and headed into the school to see what had happened to my baby boy.

I went to his classroom…where I did NOT find him. I knew where he was going to be, but I was still just a little freaked out not to see him there.

Kindergarten breakfast

I went to the cafeteria…where I found him sitting at the Kindergarten breakfast table, just eating his breakfast like a big boy!

He looked happy to see me and already had so much to tell me about the lady taking his breakfast and lunch money and about the buses dropping kids off. He’s just such a big boy!

Kindergarten desk

He “let” me walk him to his class where we found his name on the desk and met his friend from karate class. He was ready to start coloring or playing or whatever Ms. Rosson told him to do. After a minute or so I didn’t exist and life was good in Kindergarten so I said goodbye (again) and left.

I was VERY happy when Ms. Rosson caught my eye as I was leaving and waved with a smile.

The rest of the day was filled with Hubby’s doctor’s appointment and a little bit of (well, a lot of) work to keep my mind off things and then around 3:30 I called the YMCA to find out what time my boy would be arriving at the After School Program. They let me know that the kids usually get there about 3:00 and that my boy was there and playing away.

This part is funny. I told Hubby I was going to pick up our boy and he was taking a nap. He said he would just see us after we visited Aunt B and the baby (they wanted to hear about the first day, too), but by the time I made it to the car, I had a text from Hubby saying “Wait for me!!!!”. He was ready to see our boy as well.

Now, normally I wouldn’t be picking up the boy until after work around 5:00, but today was special.

And, just as I thought, he had a great day! He was full of stories and exciting things to tell us. He was ready to go back. He likes his teacher and his friends. And…he even has two new girlfriends…but he couldn’t remember their names. 🙂

I think we’re going to survive Kindergarten after all.

How was your first day to school or back to school?



  1. I CAN’T believe that he’s already in kindergarten!!!He’s such a sweet boy- he’s going to do well there in every way! You’re such a great mom and I’m glad you went back to see how happy he was. I’m sure it put your heart at ease! Love you guys!

    • janet says:

      Erin, what in the world was I thinking not going in with him in the first place?! I must have been out of my mind. 🙂

  2. Shell says:

    Glad he had a great first day!

    • janet says:

      Thanks, Shell! It’s been two weeks now and he’s like a little man. He loves Kindergarten and every day he tells me, “I had a GREAT day, Mommy!”

  3. barb says:

    Such a sweet boy…so glad he had a great first day…and that all was good for mommy too!


    • janet says:

      What was I thinking by sending him alone…just because he wanted to… 🙂

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