Back to School (and Sports) Physicals

Back to School Physicals at Walgreens #HealthcareClinic

For Back to School time, and as part of a sponsored post for Collective Bias®, we visited a Walgreens Healthcare Clinic to learn all about their Back to School, Sports, and Camp physicals.

Back to School time is here and this year we are all about it! My boy is heading into Kindergarten and he could not be more excited. When I told him we needed to go to a “doctor” and make sure he was healthy, he was super excited and the two day waiting was driving him up the wall! Of course, he had to make sure that he wasn’t going to be getting any shots and then he was good to go.

We recently learned about the new Walgreens Healthcare Clinic in some Walgreens locations so I checked out online to find out if there were any nearby. Of course being in a small town we don’t have one just yet, but we were due for a visit to my sister’s house in Conroe and I knew she would be up for a quick drive over to The Woodlands.

Healthcare Clinic at Walgreens #HealthcareClinic #shop #cbias

My boy was anxious to get to the Healthcare Clinic and see if he was healthy. He loves to see how tall he is and how much he weighs. I was happy to see that the wait was not too long (even though the sign in screen said we might be waiting up to two hours) and  there was so much to look at while we were waiting.

signing in for his physical at Walgreens #HealthcareClinic #shop #cbias

The sign in for the Healthcare Clinic was super easy that I let the boy do most of the work. There were several kids waiting for sports physicals and we were initially number 5 in line, but honestly, we might have waited 20 minutes. My boy never got whiny or frustrated…and that is saying a lot these days!

waiting for physicals at Walgreens #HealthcareClinic #shop #cbias

While we waited, we checked out a few pamphlets and signs around the Healthcare Clinic and my boy read to us about how the owls in the paperwork will make you feel better. My sister and niece commented that this would be a great place to get a sports physical for several of their friends who didn’t have insurance or didn’t have time to get into their regular doctor for the physical. My sister even mentioned that since the physical is only $39 right now (until September 30) that this would have been a great deal for them. She wished they had known about it before her teens had their sports physicals for this year.

getting his back to school physical at Walgreens #HealthcareClinic #shop #cbias

As it turns out, the back to school physicals (at the promotional price) are for children (under age 21) who have a requirement  from their school to have paperwork signed in order to enroll. We don’t need that for our school so we didn’t end up getting the full physical, but the PA in the clinic let him get on the scale and that boy is 45 pounds!

I can’t believe we are starting Kindergarten and I am the mother of a 5 year old! Okay, sorry…had to freak out there a little. 😉

Walgreens reserves this promotional price specifically for children who need the physical as a requirement for school, camp, or sports, so they can provide quality service at a great price to the most children possible. Follow Walgreens on Facebook and Twitter to learn about all of their great deals and more about the new Healthcare Clinic!

Walgreens Healthcare Clinic is perfect for:

  • Families who don’t have insurance,
  • Families who have insurance with high deductibles,
  • Parents who work standard work hours and can’t take time off during the work week,
  • Families who don’t have transportation (because Walgreens may be in walking distance),
  • People who are impatient at doctors’ offices (you can check the website to find out if there is a wait and then just walk right in!),
  • People new to an area, need a quick physical, but don’t have a PCP yet.

Do your children need a Back to School (or sports) Physical? Why else would you visit Walgreens Healthcare Clinic? 


  1. He’s SO cute! I’m sorry you didn’t get what you went for, but I’m SO super glad that the PA was awesome and let your boy weigh himself. My Grady is catching up to him in the weight department! Can’t let a 2 year old surpass him! 😉

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