5 Ways to Quickly Clean Small Messes Around the House

5 Ways to Quickly Clean Small Messes Around the House: Windex Touch-Up Cleaner for small messes

Now that Spring cleaning is over and we are in the heat of Summer, nobody wants to deep clean. As part of a sponsored post for Collective Bias®, I’m sharing with you a few ways to quickly clean the small messes around the house without pulling out a full arsenal of cleaning supplies.

small messes on the counter

Please tell me that I’m not the only one who comes home to something like this at least once a week. This was Sunday evening. We had a busy weekend that apparently included shopping, ice cream, chips, and sandwiches…and lots of small messes. We came home from my dad’s house and I saw this. Let’s begin with the small messes in the kitchen.

5 Ways to Quickly Clean Small Messes

1. Pick up the items that don’t belong.

After I put the shampoo, dog treats, keys, chips, bread, chocolate, and syrup where it all belonged, I was left with a slightly dirty counter and a few crumbs. Sometimes an area in the house appears to be a large mess, but it is only because things aren’t in their proper locations.

Clean Up small messes with Windex Touch-Up Cleaner

2. Wipe down the small messes with an antibacterial cleaner.

Nothing is quite as handy as the New Windex Touch-Up Cleaner for cleaning up the small messes on the counter. Just grab a paper towel, press on the top of the cleaner and you will have perfect amount of cleaner to swipe and clean. For my bar counter space, I used 3-4 dabs of the cleaner on a paper towel and it was sparkly (well, as sparkly as a mustard yellow-brown counter can be, at least).

clean up small messes with Windex Touch-Up

3. Keep the cleaner handy for a party with potential for small messes.

My boy and I had a little chips and ranch snack this week with my new Summer snack tray and I kept the Windex Touch-Up nearby. As I anticipated, a chip with dip hit the counter, but one little dab of the cleaner on a paper towel and the small mess was gone. Plus, since the clean kills 99.9% of bacteria, the chip was saved. My counter rarely is clean enough to eat from, but now I can brag about it every day!

Make everything Sparkle including the kitchen sink

I don’t typically keep the actual cleaners on the kitchen sink because there is just too much clutter, but this bottle is just too cute (and way too handy) to hide under the counter with all the other cleaners. I don’t have to lock it up because my boy can use it safely and it brightens up my kitchen with the bright yellow and citrus scent (I have been known to spray citrus cleaner in my sink or pour a dab of citrus soap down the sink for the smell, don’t judge).

small messes in the bathroom

4. Follow behind the small ones to catch their small messes.

Seriously, how many times have you gone in the bathroom after your small ones to find this mess? Do they really just squeeze the toothpaste into the sink on purpose? This small mess is no problem for a Windex Touch-Up Bathroom Cleaner. It’s a Fresh Scent to make things smell nice after cleaning and two dabs on a paper towel (or some sturdy toilet paper) will swipe up that glob of toothpaste left behind.

Windex Touch-Up Cleaner at Target - Dont Forget your Coupon

This week I headed to Target to pick up Windex Touch-Up Cleaners for the kitchen and the bathroom because these adorable little bottles are just to cute to pass up. I can keep my kitchen and bathroom small messes cleaned up in a flash.

Visit the Windex website to grab a coupon and test these out for yourself!

Add Beauty to the bathroom counter

5. Clean up the small messes before they become big messes.

Take the time each morning to make your bathroom sparkle. If you wipe down the sink and the fixtures, as well as the mirror and the counter each morning (it only take 30 seconds) you’ll start the day feeling great and come home to no messes.

Dab it! Clean it! Done!

Windex Touch-Up in the bathroom

It’s like adding fresh flowers to your kitchen and bathroom and killing bacteria at the same time!

What are your tips for cleaning small messes?


  1. Mary Dailey says:

    My worst messes are my cats, constantly cleaning up hair and, worse yet, hairballs. I find them in the windowsills, behind furniture, and the best is to step on one in the dark with my socks on! It’s disgusting. Sometimes, it’s dried, so I have to put something that will soften and disinfect at the same time. Life is a ball at my house!

  2. Betsy Barnes says:

    Great tips, going to get some Windex Touch-Up Bathroom Cleaner, never try it it, so it looks like it would help me keep up with cleaning 🙂

  3. Great review – I’d seen these in the store and wondered if they were good – Thanks!

  4. Tammy S says:

    My tip is to clean as you go. That way small messes don’t turn into big messes. I love these Touch Up cleaners. I thought I wouldn’t go through it as fast as I do. they are so handy and easy to use.

  5. Alyshia says:

    My boys would actually be able to use this. Any thing to make life easier with three boys is a plus !

  6. Sandy VanHoey says:

    I’m glad you posted about this. I have had a coupon, was waiting for a sale because I wasn’t sure if it was a great product or not since I know nobody who had tried it. Now, I have so I appreciate you doing a review and I’ll use my coupon and pick one up

  7. Mary Williams says:

    That looks so cool! They would be great to have to help keep the house clean between heavy cleanings!

  8. I’ve seen them but never thought to try them out…I think I might have to now. Great review Janet!!! 🙂

  9. Seriously! How have I never seen this?? Apparently I’m not spending enough time in the cleaning aisle!! I want!!! It’s even pretty enough to leave on the counter in the kitchen and bathroom. Thanks for the information!! I WANT!!!

    • janet says:

      Oh, these things are so cute and work great! I have always cleaned my counters with Windex so this was perfect for us!

  10. Dawn says:

    I have really wanted to try this product out. We use baby wipes for small messes but we don’t have a baby, lol. I don’t like getting “the look” every time I buy them. 🙂

    • janet says:

      I don’t know how I lived without baby wipes before having a baby! This is definitely a new solution to that problem.

  11. OMG my house is one, enormous cluster of small messes. It’s amazing how quickly they clean up, but it’s so frustrating! I’m all about things that make my life easier, and this would definitely make my life easier. Does it really make the kitchen smell good?

    • janet says:

      Summer, have you ever used regular Windex to clean the kitchen? My mom always did and I love that smell. This is like that…but with citrus. It smells amazing and you don’t have to worry about the chemicals it leaves behind, making the counters clean enough to eat off of!

  12. I bought a bottle of Windex Touch-Up a few weeks ago {with coupon and sale, I paid 49 cents}. I keep mine in the bathroom and it is soooo handy I can’t believe it. I love how pretty the bottles are. Thanks for the post and the coupon. I love this stuff 😉

  13. Ugh small messes are my kryptonite because just a few of them and it seems to be one great big mess. I love the way this dispenser works – I’ll have to try it. Between a preschooler and 2 dogs we’ve got small messes galore!

    • janet says:

      Yes, a little and two dogs…I should buy stock in paper towel and Windex Touch-Ups for my problem with small messes!

  14. Tiffany says:

    These are such great tips!! If you take care of the little things when they happen, they don’t grow into the big messes that require heavy cleaning. That cleaner looks great! I think that having it handy will make it easier to keep up on when the littles come through! 🙂

    • janet says:

      Thanks Tiffany! It definitely helps that it is nearby at all times!

  15. Amy says:

    That seems easy enough! I like that it’s meant to be left out so it’s always at hand when you need it. (I still want to hire a maid, though.)

    • janet says:

      Well…you could make it easy on the maid so you don’t have to pay her as much!

  16. That is a really pretty little bottle. I may have to buy 2 or 3 for my house.

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