Despicable Me 2 {review, video clips, coloring pages & activities}

Despicable Me 2 {Review, Video Clips, Coloring/Activity Pages} #DespicableMe2

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Last week, we took the boy to see Despicable Me 2 and he has been looking forward to it for so long. I love to watch new movies with him, especially when he is excited to go. He is a movie talker so we don’t always take him when the theatre is so full, but since we still haven’t seen Monsters University (and it is killing Hubby and me!) then we just had to go as soon as it was out.


Back in March, I attended Blissdom and got to meet one of the minions and take a photo with him!

Despicable Me2 is anything but Despicable

{Hubby’s Review}

Steve Carell brings us the world’s most loveable super villain Gru once again! This time Gru is asked to save the world from another super villain who has stolen a transmutation formula. One small problem however, they don’t know which villain has taken it. And so, Gru is forced to go undercover with a partner, Lucy, as owners of a bakery in the mall in an attempt to weed out the evildoer. Assisted by those loveable minions, Gru eventually saves the day while dealing with the everyday struggles of raising three growing girls and getting over his own dating insecurities.

I know that it is pretty common that sequels are not normally as good as the first film, but this movie crushes that stereotype. The minions provide entertainment for the children while Steve Carell voicing Gru gives the parents his usual straight man witicisms that keep everyone laughing. It truly is probably one of the best examples of a well balanced family movie as far as humor goes without ever going near the indecency line once. Your kids will laugh at the multiple uses of the fart gun and silly things like that, and me too, yes, I like potty humor!

More minions from Despicable Me 2

As we were leaving, I asked my boy what his favorite part was and they all centered around the minions and their hijinks! He said he loved seeing the minions tushy! Oh yeah, did I mention the nudity, haha! All in all I would highly recommend this movie, it was funny, captivating and of course sends a few subtle positive messages. Makin Despicable Me2 the perfect summer family movie!


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Coloring and Activity Pages

Despicable Me 2 activity pages

Click on the image above or the Despicable Me 2 Activity Pages link for a downloadable pdf.

Despicable Me 2 coloring pages

Click on the image above or the Despicable Me 2 Coloring Pages link for a downloadable pdf.

Have you seen it yet? What was your favorite part?


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