Back to School Quick and Easy Meals

Back to School Quick and Easy Meals Tyson Crispy Chicken Bites at Sam's Club

It seems that Summer has just begun, but it’s already halfway over! It’s time to start thinking about Back to School and the hectic time of year when quick and easy meals are a must-have. This post about Back to School Quick and Easy Meals is a partnership with Collective Bias and Tyson; however, I have not received any compensation for this post. Having said that, this post includes a gift card sponsored by Collective Bias and Tyson.

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Back to School {for the first time}

My boy is starting Kindergarten this year and I’m semi nervous. I say “semi” because he has really grown up a lot this Summer going to camp at the YMCA. Up until this Summer, he was in daycare and Pre-K and I would take him into his class, give him a hug and kiss, check in with his teacher, and then pick him up and do the same. After the first few days of Summer camp and taking him back to the room, he informed me that he wanted to go on his own. I put his backpack on him and off he would go. Whoa…

In any case, I think this new independence is really going to help both of us when he start Kindergarten in a month (whoa…a month…). He feels more grown up, I feel comfortable allowing him to go on his own, and he is doing really well in the activities and classes they are having with camp.

Back to School {no more napping}

One of the other advantages to Summer camp has been that my boy is getting used to no more napping. In daycare and Pre-K, his classes would take nap time from noon to 2pm. My boy is a good sleeping (understatement of the year) and would often continue to sleep after 2pm. The teachers would tell me that they couldn’t let him sleep past 3pm so they would actually let him continue to sleep!

Summer camp = no nap (yippee!), which also meant he would come home exhausted. We had to make dinner quick and easy or he would fall asleep before it was ready. He will normally come home crying about being hungry anyway so quick and easy is required!

Tyson Crispy Bites Sweet Peppers and Rice

Back to School {quick and easy meals}

You may remember back in May I told you about Tyson Crispy Chicken Bites and made a quick and easy meal with sweet peppers and rice. This meal has become one of our “rotation” meals and we love it. My boy loves that he gets “nuggets” at least once a week and we love the juicy and crispy bites.

Tyson Crispy Chicken Bites moist inside

We love the meal that we created, but we have been looking for a little variety. So, I looked to my other Social Fabric blogger friends to see what they made with these yummy bites. Here’s a few more ideas to make with the Tyson Crispy Chicken Bites.

Quick and easy rosemary potatoes

Easy Chicken Parmesan Bites

Mango and Black Bean Chicken Wraps

Crispy Chicken Sandwich

* Delicious Summer Salad *

Tex-Mex Tacos

more Tyson Crispy Chicken Bites Recipes!!

(thanks for making it this far…here’s what you’ve been looking for)

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