Staying Clean at Six Flags Over Texas

Staying Clean at Six Flags Over Texas #WetOnes

my boy writing his blog about his dayThis blog post is written by Benjamin (aka “The Boy”). He wrote this review while his mom was participating in a campaign for Mom Central Consulting on behalf of Wet Ones. His family received free admission to Six Flags Over Texas, attended an informational and complimentary luncheon, and received a gift bag and promotional item to thank them for taking the time to participate. After his VERY FIRST visit to a theme park, he visited a hotel nearby and sat down to write his “blog”. 

Staying Clean at Six Flags Over Texas

Entrance to Six Flags Over Texas

This past weekend, my mom told me that we were going to do something really fun and we were going to Six Flags. I have never been so I asked about it and she said it was a little like the carnival, but really big. When she told me that we had to drive in the car as long as we did that time we saw a football player, I was not happy about it. But when I saw the roller coaster from the highway, I nearly jumped out of my carseat! When we lined up at the entrance, I was jumping and yelling and Mommy just laughed at me.

Global Smurfs Day June 22 2013

We had to stand in line for soooooo long just to get our tickets and to get in the gate, but I learned that the day was Global Smurf Day because there were signs everywhere. While we were waiting in line, we were getting sweaty and my hands were all clammy.

my boy with Daffy Duck

Mommy had to meet some people from a central of mommies (aka Mom Central) and something about wet something (aka Wet Ones) and a few of her “blog friends”. She was busy talking so Daddy took me to get a picture with Daffy Duck!

my boy and Bugs Bunny

Then Mommy said she was all signed in and we saw Bugs Bunny! He gave me a big hug and then posed with me. I look like I’m bashful in the picture, but I actually ran up to Bugs. He was so funny!

pink things only at Six Flags Over Texas

The nice people Mommy knows took us on a tour and we learned that Pink Things are only found at Six Flags. My Papa told me that last week when he heard that I was going to Six Flags, but it was fun to see them. I think they would be very messy and I would need something to wash my hands and face after eating one. Maybe I’ll get one after lunch!

Have a Bite Grab a Wipe #WetOnes

Ohhhh…Wet Ones! These would really come in handy if I get one of those Pink Things later. I saw these signs all over Six Flags during the day. And, you know what, the people from Wet Ones were so nice to us all day.

Wet Ones® Antibacterial Hand Wipes are an official sponsor of Six Flags Over Texas

I think that is a great pair!

Lost Parents Car at Six Flags Over Texas

I don’t think I’ll ever lose my parents, but if I do, I’m visiting this place! They do tend to get busy talking from time to time, but I just yell at them and tell them to pay attention to me! I’m sure glad that the tour pointed this out to me. It is in the Looney Tunes area and so are all the rides that I would ride. That is very convenient for a little guy like me.

in line for his first rollercoaster ride

We took a break from the tour to ride some rides and I headed straight for the roller coaster. I think Mommy was wishing I would just stay in the safe Texas Tea cups, but I had a thrill on my mind. I fit right in the middle of the height range so I didn’t even need a parent to ride with me, but Mommy stood in line with me just in case.

ready for the rollercoaster

This roller coaster is much bigger than the little dragon one that I rode at the carnival. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a Roadrunner and Wile E. Coyote cartoon, but Mommy says they come on TV sometimes. (Guess what…when we checked into the hotel later that night, Looney Tunes was on TV!)

sitting in the front of the rollercoaster

I was first in line when it was my turn to ride so I picked the front car. Then, a pretty girl came and sat next to me. I think I like this roller coaster already!

riding the rollercoaster

It was so much fun that I wanted to ride it over and over! We went so high and down so fast and the girl next to me was giggling and we were waving our hands in the air!

Lunch with @MomCentral and #WetOnes

I wanted to ride the rides more, but Mommy said it was lunch time. I listened to my Mommy and my tummy and decided I wanted to eat, too. Those nice people from Wet Ones and Mom Central set up a private lunch for us at JB’s Smokehouse right there at Six Flags! We sat outside on the patio and found these little samples to get clean before we ate.


Clean hands help prevent the spread of cough and cold germs, but kids’ daily activities often take them far away from soap and water. Wet Ones®Antibacterial Hand Wipes provide a quick, easy way to get rid of grime andkill 99.99% of bacteria. Toss them in back packs, lunch bags, the backseat of your car, school lockers – and give a stash to your child’s teacher – to keep messy hands clean.

Find more tips like these from Stacy Debroff from Mom Central at the Wet Ones tips site!

Kids meal at JBs Steakhouse

I even got a special kids meal box for my meal. P.S. Can you see my red cheeks and sweaty hair? I needed to clean up before I dug in!

clean hands with #WetOnes before eating lunch

My kids meal had Wet Ones in it, too! It is so important for me to get my hands clean before eating, especially when my kids meal comes with chicken nuggets that are…FINGER FOOD! Those little wipes are so cool that I even opened one for my face and neck and felt so much better while Mommy listened to the speeches going on before we ate.

brisket burger from JBs Steakhouse

Mommy and Daddy’s meals looked yummy as well and they were foods that were eaten with hands so they opened a couple of Wet Ones to use as well. This brisket burger looked so yummy that I stole a piece of meat and a few fries.

Swag bag from @MomCentral and #WetOnes

As we were eating, a nice lady came over and gave Mommy this bag of goodies. Mommy called it a “swag bag”, but I called it FUN! I saw some yummy hot chips and sidewalk chalk, Daddy saw the gift card, Mommy was happy to get lots of Wet Ones and a new water bottle. And, since Mommy still hasn’t learned to bring sunscreen everywhere we go, we were all happy to see the sunscreen in the bag. (…and Mommy has been using that bag every day for work…)

giant crane game at Six Flags Over Texas

Daddy’s highlight of the day was this crane game. He wins a prize from these machines almost every time he plays, but this is the largest one he has ever seen. Usually he will get the crane ready and I get to push the button. We didn’t win, but it was so much fun!

Flags Famous Funnel Cakes

After lunch and a few rides, Mommy said we could have a funnel cake (the lady from Wet Ones actually offered to buy us one) and Mommy wanted to meet up with her blog friends again. We headed over to Flags Famous Funnel Cakes and made sure we had our Wet Ones handy because I hear this can get messy!

 enjoying a Funnel Cake with Esther from Laugh With Us Blog

Mommy got to meet one of her friends, Esther, from Laugh With Us Blog, and they were both so excited. Daddy and I didn’t know why, but Mommy explained that she stayed up one night for hours reading and commenting on Esther’s blog. Mommy said something about “getting lost” in the blog. I didn’t know what that meant, but I wanted in when they said they were taking a picture!

my boy with Bugs Bunny and Pepe LePew

After the messy funnel cake, we wiped down again with the Wet Ones and said goodbye to all of our new friends, then I saw Bugs Bunny and Pepe LePew and I chased them down to this gazebo where they were posing for pictures with all the kids. Mommy and Daddy had just bought my picture with Daffy Duck so I didn’t get this one, but I wish I had! Luckily, Mommy snapped a pic really quick as well. They were my best friends!

riding the Speedy trucks

I got to ride a few more rides, but I was getting so tired from all the heat. The cool Wet Ones were nice to have before and after each of the rides because, you know, there are a lot of germs on those rides! Wet Ones kills 99.99% of the germs and I LOVE killing germs!

My Mommy and Daddy decided that we were going to make this day into a Staycation so we went to a hotel after all the rides and then dinner at Golden Corral where we had all you can eat ribs, and you guessed it, used the Wet Ones again! I sure am glad that they gave us so many and Mommy says she has enough to keep some in the car and in her purse and even gave me some to put in my backpack for Summer Camp!

What places do you think would be great for carrying along some Wet Ones?


  1. Amber.m says:

    Such a great event, right?!
    It looks like you guys had as much fun as we did!
    And man, that brisket looks delicious!! We had pizza and chicken strips, I’m not complaining at all cuz it was good!

    • janet says:

      It was a blast and my boy’s first time at Six Flags! He had so much fun, but he hates riding in the car for a long time so he hasn’t asked to go back…yet!

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