Working on our Morning Routine

When you have a fun family like mine, you try to make fun in everything. It works about 95% of the time, but it can be a challenge. Making your morning routine fun (for night owls like my boy and me) is not easy. This month we are working on making a fun morning routine that works for us all and avoids that rush out the door where everyone ends up frustrated and some end up with tears.

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My boy is starting Kindergarten on August 26 (breathe, Mommy, breathe) and this has me thinking about our current routines for morning and evening and how we can set our boy up for success as he starts his school career. Currently, we have no routine and that is hectic and causes both Hubby and me quite a bit of stress. It is time we started working on that so we can have a fun morning routine that works for us all and gets us out the door on time and still smiling.

Our current morning routine

Hubby wakes up to two alarms (we hope) at some predetermined time that I am not sure how is set. It usually depends on what time he has to be at work. If he doesn’t work, I might have to tell him what time I want to get the boy to daycare so I can get to work on time. Once Hubby is up and usually after his shower, he will start trying to get my boy and me awake. This is always a struggle. The two of us are night owls and we like to sleep. We fight waking up and usually ask for 5 more minutes.

At some point I am up and in the shower and Hubby turns on a cartoon so the boy will at least raise his head. Sometimes I will get clothes for the boy before I shower and sometimes Hubby will go get them as the boy slowly rises up from under the covers. As I am getting out of the shower, they are arguing over clothes whether that means the boy didn’t like what we picked out or just doesn’t want to put anything on yet. Eventually, he and I end up in clothes at some point. Then, the argument begins over brushing teeth…until now!

A New Fun Morning Routine

New Fun Morning Routine with ARM & HAMMER™ Tooth Tunes™ #ToothTunes1D

Now, we have ARM & HAMMER™ Tooth Tunes™ featuring 1D and their hit single, “One Thing”. You all know that my boy is a sucker for his music and dancing, right? Well, this was just right up his alley to have some pop music playing in his head while he is brushing those little chompers.

The Tooth Tunes toothbrush plays two minutes of music for my boy so he knows how long to brush and he gets to shake his tushy while he’s doing it. We just happen to have a full length mirror outside the bathroom door in our bedroom so he just boogies his way to the mirror and puts on a little show for us every morning. Long gone is the Ironman singing toothbrush and welcome to a “big boy 5 year old” pop music toothbrush (and, by the way, we do NOT miss Ironman).

brushing with ARM & HAMMER™ Tooth Tunes™ #ToothTunes1D

Unlike many other toothbrushes that have music in them (we have tried lots), Hubby and I don’t end up singing 1D all day in our heads either. The music from the Tooth Tunes toothbrush is not very loud for the outsider, because…

From the makers of the #1 kids battery toothbrushes, ARM & HAMMER™ Tooth Tunes™ features one of a kind Music in Your Mouth™ technology. This proprietary technology streams sound vibrations from the bristles of the toothbrush through the teeth, allowing kids to hear the music while they brush.

Is that not the coolest thing ever?! We can barely hear it, but he is jamming his way to a healthy mouth! And really, with the name ARM & HAMMER, how can you go wrong?

Next Steps to a Smooth Morning Routine

Now that we have the toothbrush to make things get moving and shaking around our house, we can have fun during our morning routine. I think we will be working on the next steps in the coming weeks.

We will pick out clothes before bedtime for the following day – I’m thinking we need to have some sort of organization boxes with outfits in them that match from shirt to shorts to socks and underwear so that our boy just has to grab a box and he is set.

We will go to bed earlier so everyone will be rested – At least the boy will go to bed earlier. This likely won’t be a problem since he started Summer Camp yesterday and they don’t nap. He was exhausted yesterday when he came home!

What else?

ARM & HAMMER™ Tooth Tunes™ #ToothTunes1D

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How do you make your morning routine smooth…and fun?


  1. These are cute!! My kids have FireFly toothbrushes that has three stages of blinking light to let them know how long to properly brush. Love useful toothbrushes for kids.

  2. What a fun toothbrush! My kids would have loved that!

  3. Uh oh…Piper’s jealous now (LOL). She absolutely loves 1D (Louis is her favorite). 🙂

    He looks like he loves the brush.

    • janet says:

      We didn’t know much about 1D, but if it is pop music (or any music really) my boy is going to love it. You should get your girls these brushes. I forgot to mention in the post, but they make two different songs from 1D so the girls could have their own song!

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