More on our Morning Routine {fresh breath all day}

Colgate Total Mouthwash #TotalSmile disclosure

How do you make your morning routine fun? I mentioned last week that we are working this month on making a fun morning routine that works for us all and avoids the frustration and tears. We’ve managed to get the waking up and getting dressed mostly smooth and brushing teeth is doing much better, so it’s time to step it up a little and focus more on oral health care by adding in mouthwash.

Working on our Morning Routine {Colgate Total Mouthwash} #TotalSmile

This past weekend I headed to Target to pick up some mouthwash and as you can probably tell from our bathroom sink, we are a Colgate family already. I had a hard time deciding if my boy would like Spearmint or Peppermint so I grabbed a bottle of each.

I want my boy to have a clean and healthy mouth, especially since we have Diabetes and Gum Disease in our family already. Since he gave a basket of oral care products to his Papa a while back, I figured I could get an “in” with him now and he can grow up with a healthy mouth.

Colgate Total mouthwash #TotalSmile

Let’s get back to our morning routine. After Hubby is up, I’m up, the boy is up, and we are all well on our way to getting showered, shaved, and dressed, I always prepare my boy’s toothbrush with his Spongebob toothpaste and leave it on the side of the sink for him. I’m going to try something new in the coming days/weeks and add a small cup of mouthwash to the sink and see if he’ll give it a try.

We talk to him often about his breath and how it is important to keep a clean mouth. Adding in Colgate Total Mouthwash for a fresher mouth all day shouldn’t be a big surprise for him. As a mommy, I love that Colgate Total Mouthwash kills 99% of germs, helps reduce plaque, prevents gingivitis and offers 12 hour protection against germs. I also appreciate the alcohol free and no sting formula so I don’t have to fight with my boy about the “hot” taste. Did you know that brushing alone only gets to about 75% of your mouth? Yikes!

Fresh Breath with Colgate Total Mouthwash #TotalSmile

Hubby and I are working hard to instill in our boy some healthy habits. We want him to feel confident in his amazing smile and fresh breath so we are adding in Colgate Total Mouthwash now so we can put our

Best Smiles Forward

Check out this fun and free printable from Ginger Snap Crafts to make your morning routine even MORE fun!

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How do you encourage your children during their morning routine?



  1. Mari says:

    I’m no dentist, but I really wish my mom would’ve instilled flossing when I was growing up. I started flossing daily probably….hmmmm…..7 years ago maybe. At my last dentist appointment, the dentist told me that my teeth are in such good shape, I can probably wait a year to go back. What???? Sign me up for yearly dentist visits. Yes, please.

    • janet says:

      Annual dental visits is amazing! My family has a history of diabetes so I’m supposed to visit the dentist every six months, but I haven’t been in years! My son is almost 6 and sadly, has never been to the dentist. I should probably get on that since he’s about to start losing teeth… 😉

  2. Kristy says:

    Love the Colgate products! We try to encourage our son just simply by having a routine and he also loves to know what is on the schedule for the day. That helps get him going!

  3. Our family loves Colgate products!

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