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That Crazy Man I Love {Summer Grilling ideas}

Father's Day Grilling - Tyson Buffalo Style Hot Wings #MealsTogether #shop #cbias

As part of a sponsored post for Collective Bias®, I treated “That Crazy Man I Love” to an early Father’s Day including Summer Grilling, Buffalo Style Hot Wings, and of course, a Family Fun Day! 

Summer Traditions

Summertime for my family has always meant being outside, swimming, grilling, playing in the water, going to Galveston beach, and Father’s Day. About a year after my parents divorced, my dad met and married my stepmom and they started a family tradition of renting a beach house in Galveston and inviting all of the kids to come and enjoy the beach as a big family. They would head there at the beginning of the week and we could come on Thursday to spend the weekend. The weekend that we were all there usually fell on Father’s Day and we would do some Summer grilling or visit all the locally owned restaurants on Crystal Beach. We did this for so many years, with a different beach house each year, until Hurricane Ike. My boy was only a few months old the first and only time he was a part of this trip (unless you count that I was 4-6 weeks pregnant the year before with him). This time together as a family is what I think of when I think Summertime and Father’s Day.

Father’s Day Traditions

After Hurricane Ike, we just haven’t visited Galveston as a family again. We began new traditions with my boy coming along and Hubby being a dad now. But, Father’s Day has always centered around my dad (Papa) more than Hubby. We visit my dad’s house every Sunday so when Father’s Day comes around, he either makes something special that he enjoys or leaves it up to my stepmom to make Sunday dinner for us all. On top of that, my little family’s life is always in some type of mess and we never really have the money or time to give Hubby a “real” Father’s Day tradition. We usually have some big crisis to spend our money on for Father’s Day and Hubby’s birthday, like getting new brakes for the car or the air conditioner going out.

my boys

Family Fun Day for Father’s Day

This year I decided to give Hubby his own special {early} Father’s Day by planning a Summer grilling day for just the three of us. I was inspired by a little birdie who told me that Sam’s Club would be sampling one of Hubby’s all-time favorite grilling foods (all-time favorite food in general, actually). This past Saturday, Hubby had the day off and instead of us just laying around the house all day, we had big plans! We slept in just a little and then up-and-at-em, we headed to Sam’s Club just in time for their demo day to grab some grub and spend some time together.

Sam's Club demo-Tyson fully cooked Buffalo Style Hot Wings #MealsTogether #shop #cbias

Tyson Demo at Sam’s Club

Sam’s Club was cooking up lots of demos, but the one that inspired us the most (and I knew Hubby would love) was the demo of the frozen Tyson Fully Cooked Buffalo Style Hot Wings. Driving to Sam’s Club for us is a trip and we always find so many goodies that we spend more than we mean to so if I’m talking Hubby into going, he had better get something he loves. And he LOVES some wings, the hotter the better! These wings are a perfect choice for Hubby to grill because they can be cooked on the grill from frozen, they don’t take much time because they are fully cooked (and although he likes to grill, he doesn’t want to be out in the heat for too long) and they are easy peasy for me to cook in the oven for him on days when he comes home from work dog tired. Our boy loves wings and ribs just like his daddy so pretty much everything Tyson is a winner in our house.

lighting the grill #MealsTogether #shop #cbias

Summer Grilling

We had a great trip to Sam’s Club and lots of fun and when we returned home, the boy and I were off to have some baby shower fun with my little sister. After the baby shower, we picked up Hubby and headed to look at a new rental house (boo, our landlords are selling the house so we have to move…a story for another day) and then we had a t-ball trophy ceremony and picnic to attend for our boy. At the picnic, there was a tiny little grill where some of the coaches were cooking hot dogs and Hubby was anxious to get things moving so he could get home and fire up his grill!

I bought Hubby this huge grill that runs on propane (he’s a city boy from Michigan) and charcoal and he has been itching to use it more and more. He wants to learn how to cook with charcoal so these Tyson Hot Wings are a perfect transition food for him. He gets to practice with the heat levels and charcoal fire, but he doesn’t have to worry about the wings being under cooked. Part of Hubby’s special Father’s Day is going to be getting the rest of the parts we need to fully attach that little smoker box on the right side. It is on there now, but it needs some additional bolts to secure it so he can finally cook on it. Mommy failed and ran out of time to get that in time for this early Father’s Day, but we will surprise him soon with the bolts and something yummy for him to smoke in it.

Coleslaw made with Fresh Express coleslaw salad mix and Kraft Coleslaw Anything Dressing

While Hubby was playing with the grill cooking the wings, I pulled out the fix’ins for some fresh made coleslaw (his other favorite food) and made him a huge bowl. I used Fresh Express 3 Color Deli Coleslaw (salad mix) and Kraft Coleslaw Anything Dressing mixed together – easy peasy!

Father's Day Summer Grilling dinner with Tyson fully cooked Buffalo Style Hot Wings on the grill #MealsTogether #shop #cbias

Father’s Day {early} Dinner

Hubby cooked up some Hot Wings for himself, some Tyson Honey BBQ Any’tizers wings for the boy and me, and some Ore-Ida potato grillers, loaded up his plate with coleslaw, and we all settled in to eat our special early Father’s Day dinner and watch a little WWE Smackdown on DVR. We were exhausted from the day, but we all were smiling, chowing down, and just content with our happy little family of three.

Summertime is a great time to get to grilling, but when you’re in Texas and the weather is likely to get into the 100’s within weeks (it was 95 here yesterday!), finding something to grill that is fast and easy is a must. The frozen Tyson fully cooked Buffalo Style Hot Wings are also a great meal that is quick and easy for mom to make for the boys after a long day of Summer Camp, working in the heat, on the go because of Summer activities, or just a special surprise for your manly boys.

Why I Love My Husband

Now for more of my never-ending list

61. He works hard all week long and rarely has a weekend off, but when he does, he is ready to have a Family Fun Day with the boy and me.

62. He makes me laugh and he laughs at my jokes. He will do anything in his power to keep me smiling.

63. He is an excellent chef and even had ME eating wings this past weekend. I’m not a fan of getting my hands dirty, but these were good!

64. He doesn’t complain when his Father’s Day is lacking because we have other priorities. Yet, he always pulls off awesome Mother’s Days gifts.

65. He’s a family man, even if he wasn’t raised to be that way. He loves his time with the family and that is how I was raised. I love our little family and can’t wait to grow old with him.

Great Dads earn their wings from Tyson

Get Social

Connect online and treat Dad with the Tyson Great Dads Earn Their Wings Promotion on Facebook. Create a special Father’s Day card or order Dad his very own wings! You can also learn about the latest from Tyson by following on Twitter at @ClubTysonLive.

How are you planning to treat Dad (and Hubby) this Father’s Day? Does your family love their Summer Grilling, too?


  1. Kyle loves cooking on charcoal but I can’t figure it out, so it just frustrates me. He’s NEVER Home for dinner so we just have this grill that sits out there. Unused. Keep that list comin’! And tell Howard I said Happy Father’s Day!
    Summer Davis recently posted..Mama Knows She Needs a Time Out & A Steeping Bath Bomb RecipeMy Profile

  2. Love your list. And the wings?They look delicious!
    Kerri (TheMaven) recently posted..Recipe: 4 ingredient Chocolate Cheesecake DipMy Profile

  3. Fawn @ Happy Wives Club says:

    YUM Janet! Looks like you guys had a fabulous Father’s Day! And as always, I love that never-ending list. I can’t believe you’re already close to 70! Thank you for linking up so I could hop over here and check it out :).
    Fawn @ Happy Wives Club recently posted..Marriage Mondays: The One Thing All Happy Wives Have in CommonMy Profile

  4. I love this post and I’m glad you got to celebrate Howard early this year. But more importantly, you really need to start that yearly Galveston tradition up again. As in this year!
    Christy recently posted..Keeping Up with the JonesMy Profile

  5. April Decheine says:

    Looks like you all had a great day! Looks really cute, good looking men in your life 🙂

  6. I love starting new traditions with my family. We actually grill just about every weekend so summer grilling will definitely be happening. Your Father’s Day Dinner looks delish! And I LOVE your never ending list <3

    • janet says:

      Thank you, Samantha. Family traditions are huge for us and summer grilling…we just add it to the list!

  7. Patricia Cook says:

    What a lucky girl you are Janet. To have such a wonderful relationship with your Dad, and have a fabulous hubby too, what a blessing. But now that food!! Yum, hot wings are a favorite of mine, and I can eat an embarrassing amount! Your dinner looks delicious 🙂

  8. I love your never ending list!!!
    Great way to celebrate and enjoy a Father’s Day treat! Grilling wings is so tasty, and I bet over charcoal they are even tastier!
    Stephanie recently posted..Sprout Toddler Foods: Delicious Toddler Snacks #SproutFoods {review + giveaway}My Profile

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