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Disney Music Online Gift Cards

My boy has always had music in his soul. He will dance to any type of music, but you know the Disney shows have some of the greatest music! This morning we were watching a new Phineas and Ferb Top 10 songs and I was quite amused at how many of the songs I could sing along to and then I commented to my husband that I didn’t agree with the order of the songs. Ha! When did I become a P&F expert?!

My boy was excited to see that he got mail (he doesn’t get much now that I don’t do many reviews) and he was even more thrilled when saw Disney on the front! He told me that he wanted Lion King and Wreck-it Ralph and “the frog” (he hasn’t learned much about Muppets yet, yikes).

I logged onto the Disney Music Online site and registered my name and email, then entered the gift card number and security code from the back of the card. I did a search for “Lion King” and found a really cool download for “Songs and Story” so I picked out Lion King and Wreck-it Ralph. Then I picked out an original Winnie the Pooh song and story so Daddy and the boy could bond over it (Hubby has a Pooh tattoo and loves Pooh!). I picked up those three downloads and still have $2.63 left over!

Disney music cards in $15 $20 and custom variable amounts

Disney music gift cards make music shopping simple and are perfect for graduation, birthdays and other special occasions.ย  Consumers buy the cards, with face values ofย $15, $25 and custom variable amounts, at Wal-Mart and grocery retailers everywhere, where cards are activated upon purchase. From there, users may go to the Disney digital music store, enter a code and shop for instant downloads from a menu of over 12,000 tracks.

What songs would your child pick from the Disney Music Store?


  1. too cute Janet – my girls don’t know much about the Muppets either (LOL)…they always ask me how old the muppets are (since I used to watch them when I was younger). ๐Ÿ™ They must think I’m ancient.

    Benjamin has great taste in music – I love the Lion King too…but we had to have Bridget Mendler (Patience and Piper can’t get enough of her music, nor can I).

    Hope you had a great weekend! ๐Ÿ™‚

    • janet says:

      It was so fun to look through the music with him!

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