Dirty Dishes, Clean Dishes {free printable}

Clean dishes Dirty dishes free printable

Hubby and I have rented a house from our landlord for the past 3 years. While renting can be nice for things like not paying when the air conditioner breaks in the middle of Summer or a tree falls down and into the neighbor’s yard, there can still be perils of renting. This past week, our dishwasher stopped draining during the wash cycle, our kitchen became overrun with dirty dishes, and our landlord is out of town on a mission trip. Uh Oh!

Cascade Platinum Action Pacs #MyPlatinum

I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for Cascade. I received product samples to facilitate my review and a promotional item as a thank you for participating.

When was the last time you washed dishes by hand? Yeah, it’s been a while for me…prior to last week. Luckily, I had used a few of the Cascade Platinum Action Pacs before the dishwasher went crazy on us so we didn’t have tons of dirty dishes right away. Unfortunately, my family is so hectic and ridiculous that before I knew it, the kitchen was overrun with dirty dishes and I was stuck in there for an hour one night washing and drying and washing and drying and…well, you know…

 Cascade Platinum Action Pacs #MyPlatinum

Cascade Platinum #MyPlatinum

Cascade© Platinum Pacs deliver the most powerful clean available from Cascade while simultaneously helping to maintain the sparkling look of your clean dishwasher interior. Cascade© Platinum Pacs feature an advanced triple action recipe that is specially designed to leave dishware virtually spot-free and help prevent the build-up of hard-water film on dishwasher walls. Cascade© Platinum Pacs achieve a top-tier clean so powerful that they even help keep your dishwasher machine sparkling and deliver a variety of dish care benefits: Powers away tough, 24 hour stuck-on food, Eliminates the need to pre-wash dishes, Helps maintain the look of new machines and helps prevent additional hard-water build-up, Delivers exceptional dishware shine

Cascade Action Pacs #MyPlatinum

I was most impressed with Cascade’s Platinum Action Pacs because they contain Dawn liquid. Dawn is my preferred dish soap when I have to wash by hand and is a name brand I know from childhood. My boy loved the colors of the little pacs and wanted to help with the dishes so he could put it in the dishwasher…Score! My husband likes the idea that these little pacs of joy will make the dishes sparkle so his amazing food can shine even more. We have some big plans for adding food to this blog (and his blog, The Food Nut) and I am working on improving my food photography so these little pacs are coming into our household at the perfect time.

Now, more than ever, people eat with their eyes, and the evidence is all over sites like Facebook and Instagram. With that in mind, Top Chef judge and editor of Food+Wine magazine, Gail Simmons, has partnered with Cascade to discuss why presentation is just as important as preparation.

Find out more on Cascade’s Facebook page or at Cascade on YouTube.

Free Printable Dishwasher Sign

 Clean dishes Dirty dishes free printable

I had a few other suggestions for the messages below “Dirty” and “Clean” that might include my laziness for dishes and voluntelling my husband for this chore, but I figured I would just leave it at this.

To make the dishwasher sign: click here for the free printable and print on cardstock or thick printer paper. Laminate and attach a magnet on the back or insert it into a magnetic frame. Flip the sign often. Enjoy! If you decide to print and use it, take a pic and share it on my Facebook page or tag me on Twitter or Instagram at JanetGoingCrazy! 

Will you be printing the sign? Who does the dishes in your household?


  1. This is so cute! I prewash all of our dishes (and waste water in the process) so my husband has a hard time determining if dishes are dirty or clean so this would be perfect!

  2. janet says:

    Thanks for stopping by. Let me know if you have issues with the printable. I’ve only done one other and it was large. I was trying not to make this one very big. 🙂

    • Tina says:

      Do you still have the link for the big size sign? I love that size… I printed it once and was planning to laminate it but kept forgetting. So it got wet and I would like to print that same size again.. It’s awesome. My husband loved it and so as my kids! Thank you!

  3. Thanks for the printable – and the new Cascade are unbelievable! Love your pictures Janet!

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