How to Make Life Easier for Mom (and Dad)

How to Make Life Easier with #ScottValues

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Moms have it tough sometimes. We put a lot of pressure on ourselves to keep the house clean, cook dinner on time, keep the family healthy, wash the clothes, keep the kids entertained, make Daddy happy, and keep the home stocked with all the necessary supplies. Bahaha! That is NOT me!

Some of my blogging friends were having a discussion recently about how they find time for themselves or what they do to relax in the evening after the kids go to bed. A few of them said things like they make sure all the dishes are clean and the house is picked up so they wake up to a clean kitchen the following day, then they relax with a book. Other said they straighten up the family room and lay out the children’s clothes before bed and then relax with their husband to watch a TV show or talk about their day. Oh my goodness! That is NOT me!

The following day, some of those same blogging friends started talking about how they deal with the toilet paper roll always running out and who is responsible for changing it. They were saying that the children and husbands in their houses will use the last of the roll and not replace it, or not tell them with the household is out of toilet paper and it’s time to stock up. Wait! That IS me!

I’m the one in the house who is using all the toilet paper, not replacing the roll, and not telling my husband (who does the shopping) when we need more. I’m the one who is sitting on the toilet, yelling for my boy to grab me another roll from the second bathroom and then frustrated when he yells back that there is none, then yelling to Hubby to bring me the paper towel and sighing loudly to him that we have to go to the store for more paper products. Guilty!

This past weekend, Hubby had a rare weekend off so we decided that we would make the most out of our family weekend and spend time having fun. We had some shopping to do, some fun things planned, but we were on a tight budget. We needed to get creative with our spending and make life easier on ourselves by stocking up, saving, and having a little fun at the same time.

Scott paper towels and free Vudu coupon #ScottValues

Make Life Easier by Stocking Up

Last year, Hubby and I started working on building a stockpile of common household items like soap, shampoo, toothpaste, and toilet paper. After a couple of months of stocking up, we totally gave up and we have been living off that stockpile for quite a while. The two things that we can never keep in the house is toilet paper and paper towels.

I have to admit that I go through the toilet paper about 3 times faster than either of my boys and it drives Hubby crazy that I use a “wad” as opposed to his 6 squares folded neatly, used, then folded neatly again to use a second time. (yuck!) One thing that we did learn during our stockpile days is that Scott toilet tissue last longer in our bathroom, even with me using it, than any other brand. The rolls are larger and the paper is more absorbent. There is not “residue” and our pipes don’t get clogged as often.

Scott Shared Values #ScottValues

Make Life Easier by Buying in Bulk

As you know, we have two dogs in the house. Our big dog, Molly, is 98% house-trained. She will only have an “accident” in the house when we are gone for a long time during the day. Our small dog, Abby, is a pug. Pugs (apparently) do not house-train. This little tornado of a dog is a poop machine! Luckily, she only poops in the entry hallway to our house (most of the time) so it all stays contained, but it still has to be cleaned and paper towels are the go-to poop picker upper in our house.

We don’t bother with buying one roll of paper towels at a time because that would just get annoying. We buy the rolls in bulk and Scott paper towels have these awesome ridges that I love for cleaning up Hubby’s cooking disasters. Okay, so the cooking is not the disaster, but the mess requires elbow grease to clean up.

Scott Shared Values FREE Vudu coupon #ScottValues

Make Life Easier by Saving with #ScottValues

Anytime we can find something fun or free to do that is fun, we are all about that. Although we are doing better financially with each month, we are still money conscious. This weekend, we were able to stock up, save, and score a FREE Vudu movie with Scott Values. We found these paper towel packages with a movie coupon on them! There are so many ways to save and have fun with Scott Shared Values and this is just the beginning.

Megamind on Vudu [FREE] with #ScottValues

We decided to make a crafting and movie night with the family. We made paper towel flowers and then our boy picked out Megamind on Vudu.

paper towel flowers with Scott brand #ScottValues

Side note: First, come back on Friday for a Crazy Crafts for Kids post about the flowers. Second, we should seriously just buy this movie because he watches it every time it comes on TV and then he chose it again when he saw it on Vudu. Buying it would definitely Make Life Easier on us in the long run!

What ways do you Make Life Easier in your household?

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  1. I love the idea of buying in bulk as a way to give you more time! I need to organize myself even more and figure out a monthly shopping plan. I think this would save me a ton of time. I’m already looking into getting a large freezer for the garage because there’s a lot of time spent bagging that messy chicken when shopping. If it was only once a month, this would save a ton

    • janet says:

      Girl, if you figure out a monthly shopping plan, you better share it!

  2. We never run out of toilet paper…EVER! But I’m the one that’s always griping at everyone to replace the roll when they’ve used it. Doesn’t happen. I guess that’s one way of keeping inventory, right? I always buy in bulk.

  3. LOL, I am stocking up this week! Thanks for the reminder!

    • janet says:

      Dude, great prices and you can get a free movie!

  4. Amy says:

    I’m always running out of toilet paper…and I have no one to blame but myself! 🙂

    • janet says:

      Amy, that would happen to me when I lived alone as well. But I should be able to blame it on the BOYS in the house now. I just can’t…

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