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Most of my family’s weekend family fun plans revolve around my boy and I spending a lot of time together and Hubby working. He works in retail and that’s just the way it goes. Since you all know that I have been sick for a couple of weeks, I was a little worried about this coming weekend until Hubby said he was going to be off Friday and Saturday. Once I knew that…the Weekend Family Fun planning began! This weekend is especially exciting because of the big PPV on Sunday, but I’ll get to that in a minute.

A couple of weeks ago, I went to Blissdom (I know, I owe you all a recap, it’s coming) and while I was gone for 3 days, my boy stayed with my dad and stepmom. When I returned, feeling ill, I learned that they had not been feeling well either. My boy is such a sweetie and he entertained himself while he was there. My stepmom said that he would just play with his toys and watch cartoons. He asked to do a few things from time to time, but he was good about not bugging her when she said she wasn’t feeling well.

Once I was back from Blissdom, I really started to feel ill. It turns out I had a staph infection (more on that later, too) so I have been pretty sick for two weeks with that. My boy has been patient with me when I couldn’t move around much AND he has been bonding with Daddy quite a bit. Last night, Daddy crashed out on us and we stayed up giggling a little until I couldn’t stay awake any longer. My boy deserves a weekend like this!

Yesterday, my boy was supposed to start t-ball practice, but it was raining and we knew that he was going to be upset. Hubby had the best idea to kickstart our Weekend Family Fun early so we stopped by Walmart on the way to pick him up. We bought Wreck-it Ralph and Rise of the Guardians to watch this weekend!

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Weekend Family Fun Plans

Thursday – April 4

We have to record this first activity because of work and daycare, but there is a special press conference going on today!!

WrestleMania festivities kick off with a high-octane press conference, streaming live today from Radio City Music Hall. Tune in EARLY at 12:50 p.m.ET/9:50 a.m. PT for a special Pre-Show presentation, and stay after the conference as Superstars and Divas answer questions submitted by you, the WWE Universe!

Tonight after daycare, we have karate class and then we will get to watch this presentation. I can’t wait to see which Superstars and Divas are there and what questions are answered. What questions would you ask?! I will also be tweeting with my #wwemoms and friends so check out the Twitter Party Alert at the end of this post!

For the Wrestlemania fans, here is what YOU could be doing in the NJ area:

Wrestlemania Axxess * Izod Center in East Rutherford, NJ

Thursday, April 4-7

WWE SmackDown #wwemoms

Friday – April 5

Hubby is off all day Friday, but since I have been out of work for several days I can’t take off. I will probably still send our boy to daycare for the day so Hubby can rest up. He has been working his tail off while I have been sick (more on that this afternoon!) and he needs the break.

Friday nights are always about WWE SmackDown! There is nothing my boy loves more than watching wrestling with his daddy and putting the “smackdown” on him. They will wrestle and watch and watch and wrestle for hours, before, during, and after the show. I can usually be found tweeting, drooling over Randy Orton, or trying to see the TV over their wrestling moves.

WWE Be a STAR #wwemoms

For the Wrestlemania fans, here is what YOU could be doing in the NJ area:

Be A STAR Rally * Izod Center in East Rutherford, NJ

Friday, April 5 at 3:30 – 6pm

Saturday, April 6

This day is going to be a blast! We are going to start the day with breakfast together, which is one of our favorite weekend activities. When it is just the boy and me, we like to share a McDonald’s Big Breakfast, but when Hubby is home the boys either cook breakfast for me or we go out to breakfast together.

I have a couple of ideas for the middle of the day and it really depends on the weather. The boy asked me about going to the zoo so that is an option, but if the weather is not cooperating, we may just have to go see The Croods in our theater. There is also a carnival in town (yippee…) so I’m sure there will be some negotiating for a few rides. We also have a long list of cures for cabin fever that we can use!

Saturday evening is all about movie and pizza night! We will be making some Wreck-It Ralph activities (and watching the movie) and coloring some Rise of the Guardians pages (and watching the movie) and eating pizza until we bust!

Maybe we could even make homemade pizza…hmm…

WWE and Make A Wish #wwemoms

For the Wrestlemania fans, here is what YOU could be doing in the NJ area:

Make A Wish Pizza Party * Liberty Science Museum in Jersey City, NJ

Saturday, April 6 at 1 – 3pm

WWE and Party City, the official party store of WWE, are teaming up to “Help Make Wishes Come True,” a joint initiative to support Make-A-Wish. Party City is currently conducting a nationwide in-store fundraiser through April 13 where customers can support Make-A-Wish with donations collected at any of the 750 Party City stores across the country. Ninety percent of the donations collected will benefit the organization with a minimum financial contribution of $75,000. For more information about Make-A-Wish, visit

Wrestlemania XXIX #wwemoms

Sunday, April 7 {the BIG DAY!!}

Hubby has to work on Sunday so the boy and I will be heading to church on our own. We will likely just take it easy after church, maybe take a nap (because we have a busy night planned), and then we will start preparing for the biggest event that has happened since we started watching WWE earlier this year.


WrestleMania 29 * MetLife Stadium

Sunday, April 7 at 6:30pm (doors open at 4:30pm)

{or you can order Wrestlemania 29 for PPV here}

Disclaimer – This is not an affiliate link and I do not make revenue for clicks or purchases. See bottom of this post for additional disclaimer.

We have ordered our PPV and are ready to watch. I can’t decide if I am more anxious to see The Rock and John Cena or Randy Orton, Shaemus, and The Big Show take on The Shield. Of course, Hubby and the boy can’t wait to see The Undertaker and CM Punk and I am psyched to see that as well. I think our wish list for next year will definitely be to attend Wrestlemania in person. I never knew they had so many events surrounding the actual show!

Of course, you will likely see me tweeting with my #wwemoms and friends about the show. Come join us and let us know you’re watching, too! In the meantime…check out our party TONIGHT!!

Twitter Party Alert

Join @WWEmoms and friends this Thursday {April 4} at 7pm EST as we talk about Wrestlemania and look at the community outreach programs of the WWE!

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When: April 4th at 7pm EST

Why: Join us as we preview WrestleMania XXIX at MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford, NJ.

WrestleMania comes to the New York/Tri-State area this Sunday, April 7. We preview all the action, including WrestleMania Axxess, the sold-out main event, and the Pay-Per-View options on TV and online!

Disclaimer – This is not an affiliate link and I do not make revenue for clicks or purchases. See bottom of this post for additional disclaimer.

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What are your Weekend Family Fun Plans?

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