That Crazy Man I Love {and feminine products}

I guess you can probably tell by my post title that I haven’t felt very well this week. It was that time of the month and I am run down. I am cranky and crampy and I just want to sleep. It’s almost over and we have a fun family weekend ahead. I’m glad it is finally here. I’m sure the man I love is happy about it as well!

I’m a day late on this post, but I can’t forget to show my love to Hubby this week. He did a lot of wonderful things for us through the week, despite my crankiness. We started the week with a mini-makeover in the house. We had a basketball trophy ceremony on Tuesday and started karate classes on Thursday. He even gave in and took me out to eat last night…and his meal came out pretty disappointing. We’re relaxing and recharging this weekend with a day together as a family on Saturday, but then he has to work on Sunday. I should feel better by then and get back to being my fun and happy self…I hope!

that crazy man i love


Why I Love My Husband: Part Eight

That Crazy Man I Love {and feminine products}

Now for more of my never-ending list

36. He buys me feminine products. Even if that is the only thing he needs to buy at a store. He also knows what kind I prefer.   

37. He plays with our boy. When I’m feeling bad and just can’t play or need to rest, he takes the boy in another room to play. This week, they played with Nerf dart guns.   

38. He helps me shop for home decor. This week I did a home lighting makeover in our living room and Hubby wanted to help me shop for it. He also occupied our boy while I set it all up.   

39. He shares his medicine with me. Shhh, I know I’m not supposed to do this, but when I’m in pain, he shares his medicine to help me out. This week was a killer.  

40. He wants me to be happy. He doesn’t like to see me sad or hurting and he wants to make me feel better. He will honestly go above and beyond for anything that he thinks will make me cheer up. This is quite a task during a week like this.

Why I Love My Husband

I’m building this never-ending list every Thursday with the Happy Wives Club. Sometimes, it will be mushy and sometimes it will be hilarious, but it will always be true.

How does your husband help when you are feeling down or not well?


  1. Shaun Hoobler says:

    Oh wow! Finding a man who will buy feminine hygiene products is a big plus, he must be super-confident in his masculinity, but number 40 is where he really stands out. Kudos on finding a great guy. 🙂

  2. My husband will make dinner and do the dishes when I’m not feeling well. I don’t get sick often and when I am, I tend to keep pushing anyway. Best of all, he will tell me to take a nap when I really feel horrible.

  3. For to live a man confident in feminine hygiene products. My husband died not do emotions well so he tends to cook or buy chocolate because he thinks that will make me happy. It’s enough that he tries 🙂

  4. Tammy says:

    Oh #36 makes him a keeper for sure! Not many men (including mine!) would do that 🙂 My husband is fantastic at letting me sleep when I feel cruddy. He tries to be nice and quiet so I can get some rest.

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