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Counting my blessings

Yesterday was a rough day. I don’t know why particularly, but it was like a perfect storm of emotions, physical ailments, activities, and mommy just plain going crazy. I ended the day with a post on my personal Facebook page that said this:

take me to the looney bin {things I can't say} via @JanetGoingCrazy

{I know that “looney bin” is not politically correct, but I was having a moment and I couldn’t think of a better word and well…you know what I mean}

Things have been brewing in my head for about a week and they probably have to do with my cycle. I thought I might be pregnant (I think this every month if I’m even a day late) but that was a big fat no. My husband, bless his heart, has been trying so hard to make me happy, keep me happy, and I just keep getting annoyed at something else. My son has been sick and spiked a fever at 4am on Friday when I was supposed to have a girls day (I took off work and everything!). Fortunately, he felt okay enough to go with me and it turned into a pretty good day anyway. I’m having a lot of random pain and allergies are kicking my butt. All this just chips away at my already weak psyche and I just feel like I’m going to scream…or sleep for a week.

As I was finally giving up last night and ready to go to bed, it occurred to me (as my dog was giving me a hug) that I should stop focusing on all the annoyances and bummers going on in my life and start counting my blessings. Every week, on Thursday, I write about the reasons I love my husband and those posts just come so easy and I just fall in love with him over and over as I write them. Why should I only keep those happy spewings for one day a week? Why not just blurt them out whenever I’m feeling crazy? (well, that could be an everyday thing so I’ll just try to wrap it up here for now)

counting my blessings @JanetGoingCrazy

Counting My Blessings

1. I have a loving husband who wants to make me happy, keep me happy, and do whatever he can to make my life run as smooth as possible.

2. I have a handsome loving son who wakes up smiling and goes to bed cuddling with a smile on his face.

3. I have a large dog that likes to hug me when I’m sitting on the toilet and likes to lay her head on my pillow to say goodnight every night.

4. I have a cute and annoying and hyper and fun small dog who loves to give kisses and lick the inside of my skull through my nostril.

5. I have a large family, most who live nearby and some that are just a short drive away, who love and support me in everything I do.

6. I have a fun (and dare I say, successful) blog where I can write anything I want and people will likely see it and love it.

7. I have a great job that provides for my family and allows me the flexibility to be with my family whenever I am needed.

8. I have a sense of humor that cracks me up (and sometimes gets other people to giggle at 6:44am).

9. I have great friends who would take me to the looney bin if I needed them to…and would likely even join me!

10. I attend a great church with the most loving church family.

I have so many more blessings that I need to share, but I’ll stop here and get to work on other things. I just needed this little pick-me-up to help pull me from my PITY PARTY and start living this awesome life that God has made for me.

I’m linking up today with Things I Can’t Say for Pour Your Heart Out.

Tell me your blessings. I would love to hear them!


  1. Shaun Hoobler says:

    I agree, it’s really important to keep reminding yourself of the things that are going right in your life. So much of the quality of life is about where you focus. That’s why I always try to focus on the good rather than the bad.

  2. Shell says:

    Such a good idea to look at the bright side of things!
    Shell recently posted..Getting Through the Rough Spots in Marriage: Pour Your Heart OutMy Profile

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