49 {inexpensive} Cures for Cabin Fever

Spring Break and Summer are rapidly approaching and I know the school kids are getting antsy. There’s nothing quite like a school year and cold weather to give the children a little cabin fever. Even my little man is getting anxious to start the outdoor activities.

49 {inexpensive} Cures for Cabin Fever

49 {inexpensive} Cures for Cabin Fever

Why 49 cures for cabin fever? The average Summer break from a school year is 6 weeks (or 42 days). I decided to add in the week of Spring Break and find a cure for cabin fever for every single day! Have fun!

1. Go for a walk.

2. Rake the leaves.

3. Jump in the leaves.

4. Make a leaf collection.

5. Plant a flower.

6. Make a garden.

7. Go on a picnic.

8. Go camping.

9. See a movie.

10. Fly a kite.

11. Wash the car.

12. Make mud pies.

13. Play in the water.

14. Visit a nursing home.

15. Visit the library.

16. Go to the park.

17. Visit a museum.

18. Jump on the trampoline.

19. Make crafts.

20. Make crafts outside.

21. Volunteer at a food bank.

22. Cook a meal together.

23. Cook a meal for someone else.

24. Make treats for your neighbors.

25. Read a book.

26. Read a book at the park.

27. Paint outside.

28. Play with sidewalk chalk.

29. Play hopscotch.

30. Visit a historical marker.

31. Build a fort.

32. Give your dog a bath.

33. Make snowcones.

34. Sell snowcones to your neighbors.

35. Make a lemonade stand.

36. Blow bubbles.

37. Play board games.

38. Ride a bike.

39. Take swim lessons.

40. Take martial arts lessons.

41. Write a letter.

42. Write a play or story.

43. Make a puppet show.

44. Have a scavenger hunt.

45. Make a parade.

46. Sing and dance.

47. Play baseball.

48. Play basketball.

49. Play football.


Because Prompts Are Fun {Tales from the Nursery and I Need a Playdate}

I am linking up with Tales From the Nursery and i Need a Playdate for Prompts are Fun. Check them out for more cures for cabin fever and daydreaming.

How do you cure cabin fever…on a budget?


  1. Darcy says:

    These are great ideas for when it gets warm out! Stupid snow 🙁

  2. Great list! Walks and lemon-aid stands – can’t wait for summer!

  3. Isra says:

    Oh do I have cabin fever!!! These are really great ideas though, I need to stop complaining and just go out and do something! 🙂

  4. Fun, fun fun! I always get cabin fever so maybe some of these will help beat it.

  5. Great suggestions!! Can’t wait to try some!

  6. You know, 49 days of this stuff is going to make you SOOOO tired! LOL It sounds like a lot of fun though and sharing it with your best bud makes it worth the while!

  7. Angela says:

    These are great ideas! We actually jumped the gun on spring today and picked up a few plants for our patio garden.

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