Are you ready for a Reading Challenge? #wwemoms

WWE Wrestlemania Reading Challenge #wwemoms

It's no secret that we love wrestling in our house. Santa brought Benjamin a Randy Orton wrestling buddy and a WWE Playset for Christmas. On his birthday, Granny Great bought him a Sheamus action figure and I seriously wish I had a video. Get this… He was standing in front of me and Granny Great was in a chair nearby. He gets a little bit of the paper torn off and realizes it is a wrestling figure. He ripped it open and started screaming at the top of his lungs, "WRESTLING, WRESTLING, WRESTLING!!!". We were all in stitches and sweet Granny Great was crying because she knew he loved his gift so much. I'm excited to introduce my boy to the NEXT BIG THING in WWE excitement with the WWE Wrestlemania Reading Challenge!

Ready to Read - WWE Wrestlemania Reading Challenge #wwemoms

WWE (NYSE: WWE) and the Pearson Foundation announced a partnership to expand WWE’s WrestleMania Reading Challenge and promote the importance of literacy through a new digital reading program. Beginning Feb. 4, students between age 4 and 11 will have the opportunity to join the WrestleMania Reading Challenge at

You all also know how much my boy loves to read. We are always reviewing children's book here and that is the one thing that I will NOT stop reviewing (you know, since I'm getting away from reviews and all) because he just loves them so much. We can't always afford brand new books from the store, but we try to get used book from garage sales or the library used books sale. I have even ordered a few times from Scholastic Books (omg, I always picked a dozen books from those little fliers before I made it home with them) or from the book sales at school. As my boy becomes more and more tech-savvy, I also have enjoyed the ebooks we get to review. Through the Reading Challenge, you can read books online for free so this event is available for EVERYONE!

Sheamus {WWE Wrestlemania Reading Challenge} #wwemoms

5 Reasons to join the WWE Wrestlemania Reading Challenge

1. Choose a Reading Buddy – Your child can pick a reading buddy from WWE, read a short bio about them, and then read along! Choose from The Miz, Shaemus, AJ Lee, Dolph Ziggler, Brodus Clay, or Kofi Kingston. I chose Shaemus for my boy's first book, but I'm sure he will be interested in joining Dolph or maybe even Kofi (he loves that flying move!). 

2. Free online reading – Your child will have access to many books at several reading levels…all for FREE!

3. Encourage more learning and future successStudies show that nothing is more important to a child’s overall success than reading at grade level by third grade. Developing early literacy skills sets a child up for success in school and life.

4. Give to othersEvery time someone reads a children’s book online at, the Pearson Foundation donates a book to a child who needs it.

5. PRIZES!Each time you read a book, you have an opportunity to win incredible prizes such as a trip for two (2) to WrestleMania 29, a free library of books for your school, as well as a WWE Superstar visiting your school!


Have Fun, Mary Lou Melon {WWE Wrestlemania Reading Challenge} #wwemoms

I set up an account for Benjamin and we are starting to read together. He has been all about playing games and reading ebooks on my new laptop lately so this is perfect timing. I'll set a goal for us to read at least five books per week and it is likely that we will be reading more. We love our reading time together!

Our first book is Have fun, Molly Lou Melon and we can read it directly on the Reading Challenge website. I haven't started reading it yet, but it looks like it will be cute and fun for my boy. There were several to choose from and I'm excited to find new books to read with him every night before bedtime.


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Prizes: iHome Speakers + an iPod Touch, or one of two Michael Kors Wallets…and more! 

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  2. This blog is just getting better and better. Fun to see Granny Great mentioned in the same post as WWE! Certainly proves they are reaching their family-friendly goal. Reading challenge looks like super fun! Keep up the good work.

    • Thank you, Linda! I am having so much more fun on my blog now that I am just writing. Thank you for all the encouragement for as far back as I can remember. Hope to see you soon!

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