Tornado of Thoughts {need to get it all out}

tornado of thoughts from @JanetGoingCrazy

My Tornado of Thoughts

I haven't done one of these Tornado of Thoughts posts in a long time, but I have a ton of stuff running through my head and I can't get the posts up fast enough so I need to just get it all out.

Marriage Stuff

Hubby and I haven't had "intimate time" in a while. We had a little time together on Valentine's Day after the boy went to sleep and that was nice, but I miss our time together. We keep planning time and then one of us falls asleep or the boy won't go to bed. I'm a little cranky and then crying so there's probably some hormones going on or it's almost that time of the month, which means that our time together on Valentine's Day didn't do what I thought it would. I really need to schedule an appointment with my doctor to talk about TTC. Blah…

Bullying at Daycare

Benjamin has been having trouble with a boy at daycare who is bullying him. That is going to be another post, but we had to go talk to some administrators today and it ended all confusing for me.

Baby Shower Planning

My older sister and I are trying to plan a baby shower for my little sister and things are so confusing right now. We all have ideas of how the shower will look, when and where, and what we should do at the shower. I wish we were all in the same town to just plan it together, but it's just not going to happen. I know we will figure it out, but this type of thing stresses me out.

Blogging Conferences

I have been given scholarships to two blogging conferences and I don't have a roommate for either. I'm not even sure if I want a roommate because I have personal space issues, but I don't know if I can afford it all. I asked Howard if he wanted to turn them into family trips, but he hasn't answered me yet so I don't know what to do.

Blog Topic Ideas

I wanted to write a post about the movie that we saw last night, as well as Summer movies coming up, but it may be a few days. I also have a post about Bullying (see above) and one about my DIY haircut from this weekend, as well as some other fun stuff. I have all these ideas and no time to write them. Well, I have time, but then this tornado of thoughts pops up again!

Do you ever have too many things running through your head and then you can't get anything accomplished? How do you focus and get something done?


  1. I wish my thoughts could just write themselves! I haven’t written all week trying to get the house in order.
    laura recently posted..Baked Beans RecipeMy Profile

  2. Yes, I have this problem too – often! I try to just write it all down (much like you did here with your tornado) and focus on one area to tackle at a time. It’s hard though, because all the other things are still there while you try to look at just one.
    Kecia recently posted..Mommy Guilt Lives Here…My Profile

  3. This is such a great idea for a post! I actually feel more relieved reading it. So sorry about the bully, don’t ever back down on something like that, until the situation is handled the way you want it to. And yeah for the blog scholarships! That is awesome!
    Isra recently posted..The Ultimate List of 41 Amazingly Simple 2 Ingredient DessertsMy Profile

  4. it is good to get these all out!
    Alicia Keen recently posted..Basil AttemptMy Profile

  5. I think all of us get into these funks. I have it happen when I feel to stressed out and there is to much on my plate. I try to find a day where the kids can go to their friends house or cousins just to give me a few hours of me time. If I accomplish anything during that me time great, if not oh well. I try to tell myself it will get done when it gets done. It always helps me to just step away for a few hours. Good luck!

  6. Oh my gosh, Janet, yes! I just wrote about this today and this new online task management tool I stumbled across that is saving my sanity!! There’s a ton of free ones out there so I don’t know that this one is any better than the others but I began loading all my post it notes, follow-up notes, journal “to do” notes, and everything in my head into my Toodledo (that’s the online task management system I started using yesterday) and I could feel my stress level decrease like crazy. I realized I had so much going on, and so many things popping up in my head that it felt nearly impossible for me to focus. So it felt incredible to get everything written down in one place and to spend the day checking things off the list.
    Fawn Weaver recently posted..Organizing My Life, Prioritizing My Marriage {& Link Up}My Profile

  7. Hey Janet, sorry to hear that life is such a tornado at the moment :) I hope that you get some time to focus and for clarity. As for “sexy time” – let’s just call it want it is ;) Force yourself to get into the groooove, even if you are half asleep! Chances are, once you get started you’ll be so happy that you did.
    Chin up, lady and I know this don’t really help, but I’m sure their are alot of mamas out there who know just how you feel.
    As for the bully grrrrr…I wish I had a solution for that one!
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