That Crazy Man I Love { on my nerves }

You might have figured from the title of this post that my nerves are a little shot this week and that crazy man I love may or may not be riding on them, but I’m hoping that by the end of this I will feel a little better and can get back to the good stuff…whatever that may be.

My little man looking

You see this little man? He’s my baby boy. He turned 5 years old a couple of weeks ago and I cannot believe how fast time is going. That picture was taken by my little sister one evening at my dad’s house. She told him to “look handsome” and this is what he did. He’s a mess!

That little mess is why my nerves are shot. Well, to be fair, my nerves are already shot and that little mess is playing with the frazzled pieces of my nerves…and laughing at them. He doesn’t know it and it is not his fault. He is my sweet boy and he is learning how to be a big boy and he’s dealing with some confidence issues as well as bullying issues at daycare. I don’t fault him. I don’t hold it against him. This mommy just needs to take a chill pill and get over it.

I’m honestly a nervous wreck most of the time and I’m not really sure why. It’s a life long battle. Yesterday, I started having some back pain, but not regular spine or muscle pain. It was more of a tension on the surface of my back, a little like the skin was cramping, very hard to explain. In any case, tension was making it hurt worse and pain medicine wasn’t helping. Hubby tried to rub it, but that didn’t help. This little angel in the picture above, despite dealing with allergies and a low grade fever, was dive bombing his Randy Orton wrestling figure in the bed last night and I thought I was going to explode! Normally, I don’t mind him wrestling, jumping around, and all that he does (unless it is so late that we are trying to get him to sleep) but last night he was getting so close to the edge and it was making me jump and that was hurting my back even more!

He finally calmed down and this morning was actually really neat. We had to take Hubby to work early so we came home to cuddle before daycare. We just talked and watched cartoons and he hugged and kissed on me. It’s all good now…except I still have that weird back pain. 

Wedding at Falkenstein Castle with @JanetGoingCrazy and That Crazy Man I Love {10/6/07}

Why I Love My Husband: Part Six

That Crazy Man I Love {on my nerves}

Now for more of my never-ending list…

26. He protects my nerves from that little mess. For the most part, when things are getting tense, Hubby can step in and distract our boy from really riding my last nerve. He might not be able to cuddle him to sleep, but he can distract him long enough for me to calm down. 

27. He forgives me. As you can guess, Hubby is the target of a lot of my venting and frustration when my nerves are shot. He takes it, gives some of it back at me (mostly just to make me laugh) and then forgives me…or at least I think he does.  

28. He laughs at me. Yes, I said AT me. I do weird things sometimes. I say weird things a lot of times. He laughs at me and makes fun of me, but it is all an attempt to help me to not take myself so seriously all the time. It gets on my nerves sometimes, but I get over it (or I smack him good) and then I feel better. 

29. He stands up for me and our boy. The boy is dealing with a bully at daycare (I know, I know…I’ll stop mentioning that eventually) and Hubby was with me yesterday when I dropped the boy off in the morning. I came out of daycare crying and Hubby and I went back in to talk to the administrators. My man is a gentle, yet forceful speaker. He can scare the poop out of people, but he is gentle when I am around because he knows that scares me as well. 

30. He danced me down the aisle at our wedding. On 10/6/07, I married this crazy man I love and after we said “I do” we danced back down the aisle to some fun music. We were happy to see that after we danced…so did everyone else in the wedding party…and our parents!   

Why I Love My Husband

I’m building this never-ending list every Thursday with the Happy Wives Club. Sometimes, it will be mushy and sometimes it will be hilarious, but it will always be true.

Is your husband on your nerves or does he protect your nerves for you?


  1. Karen Glatt says:

    I really liked your blog post and sharing about your life. There is so many struggles in life and when we have our loved ones around to help us with things and help us emotionally than it can help us to feel so much better. I have family members that help me out when I need to chill too!

  2. he will get on your nerves sometimes but remembering the good times always helps

  3. Kecia says:

    My 2 year old is quickly learning how to push my buttons too. He seems to sense when I’m already having a bad day and wants to make it worse haha. But I do love him, and love that my hubby is there to take over when times like that get rough.

    BTW, I noticed that you and your husband got married exactly one week before we did. We married on 10/13/07! 🙂

    • My 19 month old too! It’s like they have a deadline radar and that’s when they go in for the kill. Pffffttt!

  4. Tammy S says:

    I know what yo mean about them getting on your nerves. Our kids are our greatest joy but also our biggest heartache. Why is that? I think they know when they are driving us crazy and just want to see how crazy they can make us. Just count your blessings that you are not dealing with a hormonal teenage girl. some days I wonder how my mother survived 4 girls. She is a better woman than I am.

  5. My nerves were frazzled last week – it wasn’t fun, but we all survived. I told my hubby it was harder to deal with our daughter than usual and he pointed out that my daughter must feel the same about me…I suppose he’s right.

    Hope things ease up for you soon 🙂

  6. You always crack me up, Janet! My hubby definitely protects my nerves. He’s so even keel so just being with him keeps me pretty mellow. Now, when we met I was a hot mess (he says I’m still a hot mess :)) but now I’m far ore even keel. But he still protects my nerves and keeps the world at bay for me (which is why the song, Easy Silence, is my ring tone for him). By the way, where’s the video of that dance down the aisle?!?

    • janet says:

      Can you believe that we did NOT get a video?! We were on a tight budget (despite how it looks, we got awesome deals) and we didn’t think a video would be necessary. We may have decided at the last minute to do the dance down the aisle. 😉

      • Are you kidding me?? That would have gone viral for sure :). Oh well, you can do it at your 25th anniversary.

  7. Gena says:

    So sweet, Janet! I’m sorry that your nerves are shot…hopefully that chill pill will work and the bully situation gets resolved. I thank God for your hubby for taking such good care of you! You two are just precious together!

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