Sisterpalooza Memories {Wordless Wednesday}

I don't know if it is because I just saw my sisters for my boy's birthday or what, but I'm reminiscing about Sisterpalooza moments and thought I would share a few pics of my sisters and me.

Sisterpalooza Florida 1984

Sisterpalooza 2010

Sisterpalooza Black Friday 2012

If you have a sister nearby, give her a hug or a phone call or just tell her you love her.

Do you have special memories with your siblings?


  1. Tammy S says:

    Great pictures. My sister and I talk everyday. she is still my best friend.

  2. My sister and I had a falling out so we are really just getting back into the swing of things. Being there when she delivered her baby was pretty special!

  3. Too cute! I have 4 sisters nearby and I’ll see them all on Saturday for our brother’s birthday (our one and only brother amongst all the girls :)). Love hanging out with my sisters. Based on these pics, sounds like you feel the same.

    • janet says:

      We actually have a stepbrother who came along much later and we like to hang out with him, too. He lives in Colorado now so we don’t see him as much. There’s just something special between the three girls. When we are together, nobody else exists. 🙂

      • We are the exact same way! Get us 5 in a room and the whole world disappears. Our parents always got a kick out of that.

        • janet says:

          My dad loves it, my sister’s husband is used to it, my husband doesn’t quite “get” it yet, and my sister’s girlfriend couldn’t care less and just wants us to be happy. 😉

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