5 steps to a 5 minute DIY haircut {layers for long hair}

How to cut your own hair

{the above pictures are before and after the 7/3/13 haircut}

It’s been a little while since I did a How To Tuesday post and I just had to share this one with you. I was reading a few of my friends’ blogs recently and I came across Beth’s post about cutting her own hair. I have been whining to Howard a lot lately about my hair getting too long and asking him to find time for us to get my hair cut. Don’t ask me why I ask him that because I am perfectly capable of going to a salon on my own, but it just seemed easier to find a time that we could all go and he could distract Benjamin. So, I decided I would try this DIY haircut business and see what happened!

5 minutes DIY haircut via @JanetGoingCrazy

So, last week I was looking at my long stringy hair as I was brushing it and Howard was in the shower. Benjamin was distracted by Animaniacs (gah…that cartoon!) and I decided to grab the scissors and go at it! Of course, I brought along my camera phone so I could blog it. What else would I do?!

Disclaimer: Please excuse the blurry photos and my lack of photo-ready clothing. I had just gotten out of the shower, it was hot, I was shaky…at least I remembered the dang camera!

make the first cut for length {DIY haircut via @JanetGoingCrazy}

I figured that I should give myself a length guideline so I didn’t get cut crazy. Howard likes my long hair and I like ponytails so I really just wanted to get the stringy ends off. I just picked a length and CHOP! (or as Benjamin would say, “you’ve been chomped!”)

pull all hair on top of head with rubber band {DIY haircut via @JanetGoingCrazy}

This is probably my favorite pic of them all with my Valley Girl hair, but it was necessary. I pulled all of my hair (and I have a LOT) onto my head in a top ponytail. I made sure my lines were as straight as I could, but I was also in a little bit of a rush because I wanted to finish before Howard got out of the shower.

cut end off ponytail {DIY haircut via @JanetGoingCrazy}

Then, CHOP, off came the ends of the ponytail. It took a little bit to find my length guideline so I would recommend putting a little clip or something on it if you have thick and long hair like mine.

check back for length and layers {DIY haircut via @JanetGoingCrazy}

I checked the back for length and it looked “normal” for a layered cut, but I have this problem with that V shape turning into somewhat of a duck tail after a few weeks so I decided to fine-tune it a little.

create sections to even out lengths {DIY haircut via @JanetGoingCrazy}

I pulled my hair up in sections and cut off any strays and evened things out a little. I basically wanted layers in the front and on the sides, but more of a straight look across the back.

check lengths and layers after second cut {DIY haircut via @JanetGoingCrazy}

I checked the back again and was pleased! I’m really not sure when I developed a little bit of wave to my hair, but it may be due to taking prenatal vitamins (which also is why my hair got so long so fast).

  final cut {DIY haircut via @JanetGoingCrazy}

Although this pic is just after the cut and still a little wet, I really loved the way my hair was falling into place. I have received quite a few compliments from my family about the cut and my sister was quite impressed with my DIY haircut.

By the way, when Howard got out of the shower, I handed him that clump of hair and asked him to throw it away. You should have seen his face…”what did you do?!”… He loves it, though, and it’s still long enough for a ponytail, too.

how to cut your long hair with bangs and layers

Update #1 {July 3, 2013}

Well, it was time for another haircut yesterday so I started chopping again. The last haircut (above) was on 2/24/13 and my hair had grown so much. I cut it in the same way as before, but this time I wanted some long bangs. I measured out a chunk of hair in the front and put the rest up in a ponytail. Then I wet the brush and ran it through the small piece of hair. I combed it down straight in front of my eyes and cut a straight line. I didn’t think to take pics, but I’m thinking I might trim them a little more because they aren’t behaving like I want and I can’t wear them over my forehead because they cover my eyes. If I do that, I will update here!

 DIY haircut via @JanetGoingCrazy

5 steps to a 5 minute DIY haircut

1. Wash or wet your hair and comb out all tangles.

2. Pick a length and either mark it with a clip or cut a piece at the desired length.

3. Pull all hair into a ponytail on top of your head and cut the end of the ponytail at your desired length.

4. Check front and back lengths for symmetry and cut in sections if needed.

5. Style and Enjoy!


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Have you ever cut your own hair? How did it turn out?


  1. Beth P says:

    Home hair cuts are so fun! My friend always yells at me when I do it myself, but I just want it done and I do it! Thanks for linking to my site! Your hair turned out great!

    • janet says:

      I owe you, Beth, for inspiring me to do this AND for the traffic it brings when people come to learn!

  2. Karen says:

    You did a great job! I tried to do this once, and well, by the time I realized I needed to stop trying to “even it out” and go to the salon, the hair that had been halfway down my back ended up at my ears as a bob. It grew out of course, but, yeah, I am NOT talented enough to do this 🙂

  3. Kecia says:

    I have been wanting my hair cut for weeks, but haven’t made the time to go to the salon. Wonder if I should find the courage to cut my own hair instead!

    • janet says:

      Do it!! It’s so much fun and rewarding. And if you mess up…you have motivation to get to the salon ASAP! 😉

  4. I can’t IMAGINE cutting my own hair – but this sounds pretty easy and yours does look good!

  5. Emily says:

    I wish that I were brave enough to cut my own hair! I am so impressed. It looks great, too! Well done.

  6. Dawn says:

    I have cut my own hair, too. It isn’t really hard if you just take it slow. 🙂


  7. laura says:

    I’ve cut mine too, but I have not tried to do layers myself. The back is the hardest for me.

  8. Anne says:

    I’ve only paid for a haircut once in the last thirty years. Usually it turns out just fine, but there have been a few times when it was a little lopsided. Sometimes it looks okay while it’s still wet, but after it dries, the unevenness becomes apparent. Fortunately for me, my spouse is willing to trim it up for me when that happens.

    I am so cheap! I just can’t bear to pay money to have someone cut my hair. I’d love to have a real hair style, but I am really just too cheap.

  9. Oh my! I can’t imagine cutting my own hair, but you make it sound so easy. Thanks for sharing your step-by-step photos, it helps!

    • janet says:

      Thanks Stacey! I was nervous to do it, but I figured I could always run to the hairdresser if things went awry!

  10. If I still was stuck with long hair I would have absolutely tried this! I have taken the shears to my hair a many time in the past, but never had a guideline – I just went at. When my hair gets long and unmanageable again I will have to keep this in mind.

    • And might I add, I also had been on pre-natals well after my daughter was born and developed wavy hair as well…that’s about the only thing I miss from having long hair. One day when I have more time to do my do I’ll try to get it that long again.

      From what I see you did a great job…if people in person are complimenting you, that’s even better. 😀

      • janet says:

        I don’t typically do anything with my mop of hair, but it was getting out of control!

  11. You go girl! The title of this post did make me think about the Flowbee though. Do you remember those?

  12. 1 word for you: Flowbee.

  13. Mer says:

    You’re brave! I’d probably get distracted and accidentally chop off a huge piece, but yours turned out really nicely. I like that length.

  14. Tammy S says:

    Oh I would never trust myself to cut my hair. I made that mistake one time. My hair is super short, so there isn’t a lot of room to make a mistake.

    • janet says:

      I definitely would not have tried it if I had short hair. I knew I had enough to “play around” before it would be unfixable!


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