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Five Lessons I Learned from being a Housewife for a week

planning a party is not time to snack Full Core #StopSnacking

I'll start with this confession. I am not a good housewife. I work outside the home. I don't like to clean. This past week has been the most hectic week of my life! I took the week off work to start some Spring cleaning and to get my house in order for my boy's 5th birthday party. I haven't truly cleaned the deep down cleaning since his birthday party last year so I had a lot to do. Let me tell you about (at least) five lessons I learned from being a housewife for a week.

fabulous life of a review blogger

I started the week by cleaning out our carport and getting all of the boxes and trash out of the house from the past year of review blogging. Now that I am not reviewing as much, and definitely being more selective with the items I will review, I need a clean slate and I am not going to miss those piles of boxes around the house. I then moved to the inside of the house and cleaned the laundry room (think blankets that need to be washed, Easter baskets, bags of shoes that don't fit, and dust of course). I cleaned cabinets, floors, windows, piles of "stuff" throughout the house, a toy room full of toys that needed to be sorted and condensed, and finally dust and dog hair everywhere.

I was home all day alone (after driving Hubby to work at 6am, back home to get my boy ready, taking him to daycare between 7 and 8, then picking up Hubby for lunch at 11, taking him back at 12, and then making the rounds again between 4 and 5 to pick them back up) and I tried to stay focused on cleaning. I also had some blog work that needed to be done so I took some time to get that done and finally, I took time on Friday evening to go on a date with my boy to the Mommy-Son Valentine's dance. It all paid off in the end when we had all of our family over for a 5 year old birthday party, but I'll tell you again, I am not a housewife…and have no desire to ever be one again.

Five Lessons I Learned by being a Housewife for a week

1. Have a plan and write it down. This week I had a lot to do and a lot that I wanted to do. I also had blog work that needed to be done and there were deadlines to meet. I found myself wandering around at times and starting several projects, but never finishing anything. When I would pick up my husband at the end of the day, I could not explain to him (or show him) what I had accomplished. Looking back now, I should have made a list of priorities and stuck to it. If I had this end goal in mind all week, I could have done so much more.

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2. Get rest when it is time to rest and eat healthy. Typically, I would drink soda, coffee drinks, energy drinks, and eat all types of healthy (and some not-so-healthy) snacks for as much fake energy as I could get. This week, I needed something that would give me energy that would last a while and keep me moving throughout the day. I found that several times during the week I didn't have time to stop to eat and I needed something to snack on. I knew that the birthday party coming up would be tempting to my sweet tooth so I didn't want to blow my diet on unhealthy snacks.

5 year old birthday party

3. Don't wait an entire year to do the deep cleaning. You won't finish. As hard as I worked every day on something new in the house, I didn't finish what I wanted to before the party. Despite having an entire week, on the morning of the party, I was still mopping, cleaning bathrooms, and washing couch cushions. The party went on without a care and nobody pointed out my big flaws so it must have been okay. I know my boy loved it!

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4. Take breaks and keep hydrated. I may have taken breaks a little bit more than I would like to admit (early in the week), but if you're working hard through the day it only takes a few minutes to enjoy a cold drink. Full Core appetite control drink was a no-brainer for me this week. I didn't have time to think about a snack, much less planning something healthy. I just slammed a drink and moved on to the next task.

Full Core #StopSnacking  

5. If you're not meant to be a housewife, hire a housekeeper. Last weekend my husband had a bigger paycheck than normal. I asked him what he was going to buy me with it (teasingly) and he said he wanted to get a cleaning service to come in and clean up for me. I was shocked and I politely turned it down. Let me tell you I will not make that mistake again!

Let me just take a moment to fill you in about Full Core. I ordered a 4 pack of the Full Core drink from the online store and amazingly, they sent me six 4 packs! I will admit that I wasn't sure about this drink before trying it. I couldn't imagine that a sparkling drink could replace a snack for me. I'm a big girl. I like food. I get hungry. I am also a snack-a-holic. I like snacky foods and I tend to keep beef jerky or protein shakes at work just to get me through a day. I tried my first drink on the first day of cleaning and I was shocked that it gave me a full feeling. Sometimes when I drink my soda, I will have an immediate full feeling that wears off quickly. I also tend to feel dehydrated after a while. This week I drank a lot of water, but I also drank Full Core as a snack replacement and I can honestly say that I didn't get hungry in between meals. I'm not going to over punctuate this with my usual exclamation points because I want you to know that I am a new fan of Full Core and I am so grateful for having those extra 4 packs. 

Full Core health benefits #StopSnacking

Full Core and Health Benefits

Hubby and I are on a special eating plan to lose weight and I was concerned about Full Core fitting into our plan. This drink has so many health benefits from vitamins and minerals to digestive health benefits. It fits right into our plan and I'm taking full advantage of it now.

Full Core Commerical #3 from full core on Vimeo.

Could you use a healthy and refreshing snack?

I am a member of the Collective Bias™ Social Fabric® Community. This shop has been compensated as part of a social shopper insights study for Collective Bias™ and Full Core #StopSnacking #CBias #SocialFabric. All stories and opinions are my own.


  1. Andrew L. says:

    Haha, I have a great appreciation for my wife for being a housewife. I couldn’t do it, I’d get overwhelmed so fast. Maybe if we didn’t have two little one’s it wouldn’t be so bad :)

  2. Cheryl Chervitz says:

    I’m that way with deep cleaning, I hate to do it. It’s not easy staying home all the time, I did it for years when my kids where little and people thought I had it easy.

  3. Kelly Tanner says:

    I am a housewife and my house could be a lot cleaner, or a lot dirtier lol. It IS hard work whether or not you are a housewife.

  4. lauren p says:

    dont feel bad i’m a terrible housewife as well… thats y i work lol

  5. Mer says:

    I sympathize! I really like the tip to take breaks…it makes such a difference to tackle little bits at a time, then sit down and have a cup of tea or something.

  6. Ashley Morrissey says:

    Guilty of being a bad housewife as well..

    Atleast I’m a great mom though! :)

  7. Jessica Cox says:

    I am a Housewife but still hate cleaning

  8. Jennifer Mae Hiles says:

    Haha, that was informative and amusing! I really like the last tip “Hire a housekeeper”! I work outside the house also and find that the house cleaning gets put on the back burner. I mean it seems that i’m constantly cleaning but I need to do the deep cleaning and getting rid of things I don’t need. I’d love to try the Full Core drink, maybe that would give me the push i need!

  9. Happy Belated Birthday Little Man!!!!

    Good job on the carport! Wanna come pick up my yard? There was only a high of 12 today here in Ohio!
    Alicia M. recently posted..A Years’ Worth of Sensory Play (12 Different Sensory Bins) – Guest Post from Ice Cream and Cookies from Breakfast…That’s LifeMy Profile

  10. Zoopa Mome says:

    I feel your pain and couldnt stoop laughing while reading this post! I am a stay at home mom and sometimes wonder what I did all day when evening rolls around. I start a million projects/tasks and get pulled away by my kids and then never make it back to finish anything! It makes my house MORE cluttered and I never feel productive. I think it’s a common issue! Very funny!

  11. Karen Glatt says:

    I think you did a great job in cleaning out your car port. But your tip on not letting your housework get out of control by waiting to long is such good advice. I ignored my garage for over a year, and so many boxes were piled up to the ceiling! I need to keep my house more organized! I am doing that now. I liked the picture of your son’s birthday party! Happy 5th Birthday to your son!

  12. Jayme Hennessy says:

    I am a stay-at-home mommy who also home schools. My husband and I have always had different priorities when it comes time for the house cleaning. I am of the mind that the children come first and he is of a differing opinion. He has just accepted a position in the DC area which takes him away from the home during the week. He now understands that just because the dishes do not get washed immediately after each meal it doesn’t mean that they do not get done. Every Friday when he arrives home after the week, the entire home is clean. The difference is, I did it while the children were in bed. They also help out, but after lessons and other obligations. He is finally starting to come around and understand my view point a little better.

  13. Sarah L says:

    I like doing a bit each day and a bigger bit each week to keep on top of housework.

  14. Lesley M. says:

    I have been a stay at home mom (minus 10-15 hours a week for my very part-time job) for close to a year and I get it. My apartment is never clean, but its not like I have anything else better to do. Thankfully me husband doesn’t seem to mind (at least he hasn’t said anything to me yet). I at least try to run the dishwasher at least once and at least straighten up a bit, but it doesn’t always happen. I feel lazy at times, but at other times, I tell myself I am focusing on my child (and entering giveaways for myself once he’s in bed :) . Memories are not made based on the cleanliness of your home.

  15. Janet W. says:

    I definitely agree with the cleaning tip! The longer you wait, the worse it is!

  16. Everyone thinks that a housewife (and/or SAHM) has it made! They think we just sit around all day long watching soap operas and eating bon bons… it is extremely hard work to be a housewife… thankfully I am lucky enough to have a very appreciative husband who truly understands.
    Chelle Thompson recently posted..$200 Feb – March Have It Your Way Giveaway! (Feb. 16th – March 17th)My Profile

  17. Robin Quick says:

    Ummmm you turned the offer of a housekeeper down??? Girl you must plea temp insanity & and tell him you would love a housekeeper! I would have been jumping for joy if my hubby made me that offer. Did all the dust from cleaning that week fogged your judgment….. it has to be that, right? Because no woman I know with a clear mind would ever turn down the offer of a housekeeper from her loving thoughtful husband! Maybe you are getting the flu and its clouding your judgement! Hurry someone takes her temp! She must have a fever! LOL 😉

  18. Stacey Roberson says:

    Very true tips! I am a housewife, and it’s more exhausting than having a full time job. I feel like it never ends. Ans being home all day just means there’s most time to dirty up the house.

    • janet says:

      I am in awe of housewives because I could never do it, especially if you have children at home with you…that’s like two extremely hard full time jobs at the same time!

      • Stacey Roberson says:

        Yes, I have a 6 month old and a 13 year old – and I’m taking care of the kid of a husband, if that counts =P

        • janet says:

          Husband most certainly DOES count, haha!

  19. Tina says:

    I know exactly where you are coming from. I too hate, hate, hate cleaning and I know it has to be done but still i hate it. I really enjoyed this post and the tips are very helpful and I will take them all into account. Thanks for the work you do on your blog this is my fave place to be. I hope you have a wonderful weekend!!!

    • janet says:

      What a great compliment, thank you so much! I think I’ll just keep hanging out here and forget the housewife (as if I don’t already do that ;))

  20. I am sold on Full Core if I get the motivation you did to clean. In all seriousness, I want to try this drink pretty bad!
    Mallery Schuplin recently posted..Ovulating on Valentine’s DayMy Profile

    • janet says:

      You should! I was actually just telling my husband this morning that I have been drinking at least one per day since last week…and things are VERY regular now (almost down to the minute!).

  21. desiree says:

    i was sick form jan 1 to the 25 and yes i got the doc to give me cugh med and then anitbotic but my systemis so messed up now i got it again but i was smart and told the doc right way i had my gril frind comeover a nd clean a room fo r me and she took out 2 bag of trash form it to the dumster wow when i am sick or ca not get stuff done i go get lep and they come for the weekend a nd do the haue wrk for me

  22. I HATE cleaning, but if I had more energy I don’t think it would be as bad.
    Amber K recently posted..Dei Fratelli Heart Healthy Recipes & Product ReviewMy Profile

    • janet says:

      That is my problem! I don’t have the energy in the evening to keep it up. I was looking at the house today at lunch and some of the party stuff is still out and the sink is full of dishes. I can see the house going downhill already!

  23. Sounds like you had a really hectic week. Mine are like that every week! I’m glad the party went on wonderfully! I’ve heard of this drink before, but have never tried it…sounds like I should, or at least turn my Monster drinking hubby to it.
    Maria (Mammahomemaker) recently posted..Designer Purse Giveaway Event: Brought to You by Madame Deals and Blue KangarooMy Profile

    • janet says:

      I really like it! I seriously did not think it would “work” but I am enjoying the not-so-hungry feeling. :)

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